In this new video and Memberium Certified Partner of the month presentation, Mike Weiss from the Client Engagement Academy gives us an exciting break down about why this is the absolute best time and the worst time to be involved in digital courses / online memberships.

Over the years, Mike struggled with figuring out how to create a truly transformational and successful online course.

After years of research and decades of marketing experience, Mike was able to discover a secret that helps solve the main problem that most online courses have. Even courses created by some of the world’s top influencers often have this same problem. Throughout this video, Mike will be sharing what that secret is along with some of the other core concepts and important lessons he’s learned over the years when it comes to creating a truly successful online course / membership site…

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In this month’s Memberium Certified Partner of the month interview, Tyler Garns from Box Out Marketing shows us some of the cool things they’ve done with Memberium in their own membership site called SuccessLab. The site helps show people how to build & launch powerful Infusionsoft campaigns without the stress and get better results with Infusionsoft.

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In this episode of the Memberium customer spotlight series, Brett Gilliland, the CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs walks us through how his company built and structured their membership site with Memberium.

In addition to walking us through his membership site, Brett shares a ton of great advice that any business owner can use to grow their business.

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In this month’s Memberium Certified Partner of the Month Interview, Jorge Diaz from Larry Jacob Internet Marketing shows us how Memberium’s Umbrella Accounts feature works and demonstrates how anyone can use it to sell memberships to groups, teams or corporations.

The way this works is when a new member joins, they can add a certain number of people under them to get access to the membership program or online course they just joined.

In this video, Jorge shows us three different membership sites that use Memberium’s Umbrella Accounts feature and shows us how they work.

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Strength Sensei currently has over 1800+ members and was founded by Charles Poliquin, who trained over 400 Olympic medalists in his lifetime.

Throughout this video, Scott Macon, IT expert for Strength Sensei shares how it started with a random mix of content and based on customer feedback the drastic improvement they made

Scott also shares how they are offering courses through Memberium without any LMS and much more that you won’t want to miss in this exclusive walkthrough of Charles’ membership program.

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The Fit Father Project currently has over 10,000+ members and was founded by Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, a men’s health expert who’s dedicated his entire life to helping busy fathers lose weight and build muscle to stay healthy for their families.

Throughout this video, Dr. Balduzzi shares his story of how he got started and some of the most important things he’s learned along the way.

He also shares what’s working best for his site now, how he’s using Memberium and much, much more that you won’t want to miss in this exclusive walkthrough of his membership program.

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Have you ever wished that your products or services could just sell themselves?

In this new video, our friend Gary Spirer the CEO of Dilogr, talks about the future of automated sales and marketing. Along with his insights on where he thinks automated selling is going.

You’ll also get an inside look at how Dilogr works and see how it can be used to create engaging online experiences that will help shorten the average time of any sales cycle.

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Last week we had the pleasure of speaking with Justin Ferriman from LearnDash and Heath Smythe from Infusionsoft.

In that video, Heath gave us an inside look at how Infusionsoft is using Memberium and LearnDash to train their employees and customers.

In this video, we’re following up on that video with a live Q&A session where Micah and Justin will answer any of your questions live and expand on what was covered in last week’s video.

Throughout the webinar, we’ll be giving you some strategy ideas you can use for your own membership site or course. Along with some inside tips and nuggets about how Heath had built the two sites for Infusionsoft.

Plus any of your questions answered LIVE by Micah and Justin Ferriman, the Co-Founder of LearnDash.

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