Improving Your Retention & New Member Onboarding with Tyler Garns

Two of your biggest challenges (and biggest opportunities) if you’re running an established membership site are going to be improving your retention and overall engagement.

In this new video, Tyler Garns from Box Out Marketing walks us through their unique process of how they onboard new members to their membership site, Successlab.

Focusing on getting more of your members to stick right from the start of their membership can have a huge impact on improving your retention (and on the overall bottom line of your business).

SuccessLab’s average lifetime of a member is 12 months. Tyler attributes a lot of this to the efficient onboarding process they have in place that he walks us through in this video.

It will also give you some ideas about how you can improve your retention. Along with some important questions to ask yourself about your membership site’s onboarding process and how it’s working…

It will also give you a lot of great ideas about how you can get more value out of Memberium for your business. You’ll also be able to see some of the other smart ways that they’ve automated their site with Infusionsoft.

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Additional Highlights From Video

  • Tyler walks us through the complete member’s journey from start to finish through their SuccessLab program and shows us how their onboarding process works in detail.
  • Normally it’s pretty difficult to get a large percentage of your members engaged with your site’s content. See how this onboarding process gets more of their members to stick from the beginning and helps improve their overall retention.
  • Get an inside look at how Tyler uses LearnDash and Memberium to control their members learning progression and structure their site.
  • Following up with members through automated emails after they join is one of the other key ingredients to successfully onboard new members. Tyler breaks down how their onboarding sequence works and what they send out to their new members.
  • How they use Memberium and Infusionsoft to send out automated reminders if a member doesn’t login after a certain period of time. Here’s a tutorial on how to do this with your own site if you want to set up something similar…
  • How they use the umbrella accounts feature within their membership site where you can add more team members to get access to the same membership site.
  • See how Tyler keeps members engaged for the long term through monthly funnel building workshops and monthly office hour calls. You’ll also see how they allow members to control how many emails they receive based on their own preferences from the members area.
  • Tyler shares some of the most common onboarding mistakes that membership site owners make and how to fix them.
  • Get a peak at some of the other essential WordPress plugins Tyler uses in SucessLab. They allow members to take notes with WordPress User Notes, manage customer service requests efficiently with Fusedesk, and BadgeOS to issue badges.
  • Hear why Tyler and Box Out Marketing almost exclusively recommend WP Engine as their recommended hosting company for membership site owners.
  • Tyler shares their best sales strategy for attracting new members to SuccessLab and the different ways they attract new members to their program.
  • You’ll also get an inside look at their new unlimited “Done for you” Infusionsoft service and how they use Fusedesk in a really smart way to manage these requests. If you run a service and want to allow your clients to serve themselves in a self service type fashion, this is the perfect example of how you can do that.

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