The Web's Best Plug In for Connecting Infusionsoft by Keap & WordPress.

Infusionsoft Membership Features

Advanced Infusionsoft by Keap + WordPress Integration

Easily set up an Infusionsoft and WordPress based membership site. Be able to use Infusionsoft's advanced features in WordPress (tags, action sets, triggers, campaign builder, affiliates, etc). To see how Memberium works with Infusionsoft and WordPress, check out this short video...

Advanced Shortcodes

Memberium comes with tons of shortcodes that let you to run advanced Infusionsoft actions in WordPress and help you connect data from Infusionsoft by Keap to WordPress. Add one click upsells, list contact or affiliate info, list custom field data, run action sets, etc…check out the full list of shortcodes here.

Unlimited Membership Levels and Users

Be able to create an unlimited number of free, paid or trial membership levels with an unlimited amount of users. Be able to setup an unlimited number of membership sites, on an unlimited number of subdomains under your registered domain name.

Easy to Use

Memberium lets you easily use all of the automated features available in Infusionsoft to manage and control access to content on your WordPress site. Easily run your own automated membership site with Memberium.

Easy to Follow Installation Guide, Videos + Documentation

We give you exact step by step instructions, with complete video tutorials showing you how to set-up Memberium, with descriptions of each component and instructions on how to use everything. We provide tons of detailed and thorough documentation on how to use Memberium.

Includes Popular WordPress Plugin Integrations

Memberium comes with tons of custom integrations that help you connect Infusionsoft by Keap all throughout your WordPress site. These integrations help you connect Infusionsoft and get more features out of the following plugins: Learndash, WP Courseware, Sensei, BBPress, BadgeOS, Simple:Press, WooCommerce, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Yoast Analytics, Facebook Next Connect, Dilogr, and GeoIP.

Advanced Analytics / Social Media Integration

Be able to see google analytics data for specific membership levels. Enable users to log in with their Facebook account, allow Google first-clicks, promoting protected content through Buffer, and more.

About Memberium

Memberium allows you to easily turn any normal WordPress site into a powerful, dynamic membership site that's connected to Infusionsoft by Keap.

Using the Infusionsoft API along with Infusionsoft’s unique Campaign Builder, Memberium leverages the power of Infusionsoft's automation tools to allow you to virtually run your site on it's own. Memberium comes with point and click membership protection that allows you to easily set up your Membership site.

Memberium lets you use all of automated features available in Infusionsoft to manage and control access to content on your WordPress site.

Your Order Comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Your Satisfaction Guaranteed or We'll Give You Your Money Back!

We back up Memberium with a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee. If there's ever a problem where you're not happy with your order or don't like Memberium, just let us know within your first 30 days and we'll issue you a prompt & full refund, no questions asked.

Memberium 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What's Included with Memberium

  • 1 Memberium license with Unlimited use on 1 domain
  • Unlimited access to our support desk & a 24/7 dedicated support team
  • Free installation and setup of Memberium plus 1 membership level on your site
  • Installation of Memberium’s 24+ Prebuilt "Plug and Play" membership site page templates (See Templates...)
  • Access to bi-weekly office hours calls. Get live help and advice from Memberium’s Co-Founders



Full List Of Memberium Features

What can you use Memberium for?

Who’s using Memberium?

  • Alex Mandossian
  • Bob Britton, 2010 Ultimate Marketer
  • Bob Proctor
  • Frank Kern
  • Hay House Publishing
  • ITPro.TV
  • Jeff Walker / Product Launch Formula
  • Jack Canfield
  • John Assaraf
  • Lisa Nichols / Motivating the Masses
  • Loral Langemeier
  • Michael Gerber (E-Myth)
  • Ryan Deiss / Digital Marketer
  • Businesses who demand more from their membership system
  • Over a hundred ICP’s and employees of Infusionsoft
See more in our showcase

Core Features

  • Full compatibility – does not require you to upgrade the plugin when upgrading WordPress
  • Business friendly ethical licensing terms
  • All of our features are included in the standard license, with no costly add-ons
  • Modern, secure, scalable, high performance design
  • No back doors, ever
  • Open Source APIs and SDK’s
  • Constantly updated online help and documentation
  • Creates and manages regular WordPress users through Infusionsoft, giving maximum compatibility with all 3rd party plugins
  • Easy real-time two way communication with real-time Infusionsoft data
  • Automatically block access to contacts with failed payments
  • Supports multi-level parent and child accounts
  • Supports WordPress Roles
  • Fully integrates with Infusionsoft Campaign Builder for drag and drop workflow management
  • Support for Infusionsoft Legacy Actionsets
  • Unique, efficient API integration that is 500% more efficient than competing systems
  • Compatible with WordPress Multi-Site
  • Lean – Supports and integrates with best in class plugins instead of “home-made” versions
  • No shortcode bloat. We provide hundreds FEWER shortcodes than competitors, but we made them far more powerful. Less to learn and easier to remember
  • Our “BotShield” feature which can protect your Infusionsoft API from being overloaded by bots and spammers
  • Cloud Compatible. As you grow, scale your site over multiple servers if needed
  • Load Balancer compatible.
  • Ethical Licensing

    • All licenses are designed for maximum flexibility; we encourage unlimited installs, including unlimited subdomains and subdirectories
    • Our word is our bond. Pricing is guaranteed for the life of your subscription. No “annual adjustment” price increase surprises.
    • Any number of installs can connect to your Infusionsoft application.
    • Automatic licensing support for WPEngine Staging
    • Automatic licensing for Rackspace Staging
    • Discounted annual licensing available

    Flexible Membership Features

    • No limit on number of membership levels you can setup.
    • You can easily create stand-alone memberships, and multi-level memberships ( ex. gold / silver / bronze ).
    • Members can hold multiple membership levels
    • Supports both paid, and free membership levels
    • Each membership level can be assigned a separate home page.
    • Each membership level can be assigned a separate logout page.
    • You can combine individual tags with membership levels for fine-grain control
    • You can drip content on your own custom schedule using drag and drop tools
    • Magazine Subscription Model with multiple channels for time released content
    • Custom Shortcode system, no programming required
    • CustomerHub style Partials
    • A single page can display different content to different visitors based on membership or tags
    • Umbrella Accounts let your customers create sub accounts for their family, team, students, company*

    3rd Party Support and Endorsement

    Used and recommended by some of the most prominent and respected consultants in the Infusionsoft space: Click here for a full list of Memberium Certified Partners

    More Ways to Protect Your Content

  • Protects your videos and web content
  • Restrict users to only be able to access content they are entitled to
  • Time limit access to content
  • Gradual time based content release not limited to the user’s registration date
  • Control access to all pages, posts and custom post types using an easy checkbox system
  • Restrict pages to one or more membership levels
  • Restrict pages to one or more tags
  • Restrict pages based on viewer identity
  • Integration with Facebook Widgets
  • Compatible with WordPress’ built-in bulk and quick editors for easy updates
  • Easy at a glance review of page and post access levels
  • Supports standard S3 expiring links
  • Supports multiple Amazon S3 profiles
  • Unique feature to deliver content from Amazon S3 through uncopyable links
  • Automatic Generation of teaser content available
  • Prevent concurrent logins
  • Prevent logins from being shared
  • Provide protected access to bbPress forums
  • Provide membership level access to Simple:Press forums
  • Google “First Click” can optionally be enabled on a per page/post basis
  • Lock comments on a per-page basis based on user tags or membership levels
  • Full control over login, including restricting users from accessing the WordPress Dashboard
  • Private Commenting Option
  • eCommerce Features

    • Display lists of past paid and open invoices.
    • Enable your clients to view and pay past due invoices with one click
    • Allow your customers to update their credit card and payment information
    • Display list of credit cards on file
    • Display a customers product purchase history and subscription information
    • Give your members the ability to self-cancel their own subscriptions
    • Completely configurable look and feel
    • Offer One click upsells and purchases
    • Charge daily, monthly or yearly on payment plans and recurring subscriptions


    • Audited by an private 3rd party
    • Source code provided to Infusionsoft
    • No back door or “service logins” that leave your site and customer data wide open
    • No exposure of your API keys through autologin links
    • Revocable auth keys
    • Ability to disable storing passwords in plaintext
    • Secured web forms
    • Option to disable autologin
    • Support for customer supplied single-signon solutions
    • Reset Password/Retrieve Lost Password.

    SEO and Google Analytics

    • Full support and integration for Yoast Google Analytics
    • Full support for Yoast WordPress SEO – the best SEO plugin available for WordPress
    • Push customer profile data into analytics segmentation
    • Support for search-engine only content for SEO optimization


    • Login Log
    • Automatically run actionsets on login, logout or both.
    • Campaign Builder goal achievement.
    • Start, stop or pause Follow-up Sequences.
    • Run Infusionsoft action sets.
    • Assign or remove Tags.

    Compatible with many Plugins and Themes out of the box

    Support for Upgrading From…

    * You can bring over your content and users with no disruption or password resets required.

    Developer Friendly

    What do I need?

    • Activated Infusionsoft API
    • Web hosting that supports WordPress with PHP v5.3 or later.
    • IonCube Encoder for plugin security
    • We provide a free test tool you can download to easily see if your server can run Memberium.