A Deep Dive On Building Your Membership Site With BuddyBoss & Other Membership Lessons With Paul Bright

In this new episode of the Memberium customer spotlight series, Paul Bright walks us through an amazing membership site he’s built with the BuddyBoss, Memberium, LearnDash, Elementor and a few other plugins.

The cool part about this example is Paul shares how you can build this same type of site yourself. Even if you don’t necessarily consider yourself a WordPress or coding expert. Paul has his own step by step video tutorials and downloadable files that will walk you through how to set this same site up as shown yourself.

Here’s Paul’s link to download the files and watch the video tutorials that will walk you through how to build this same site. Please note that purchasing the BuddyBoss theme, LearnDash and Memberium is required to build the same site: https://pbdigital.com.au/how-to-build-a-membership-site

You can use Paul’s files with both versions of Memberium. It can be built with Infusionsoft, Keap or ActiveCampaign.

Throughout this walkthrough video, Paul gives us a high level overview of what the site looks like, what’s involved in setting it up and we talk about the different plugins involved like BuddyBoss, the BuddyBoss platform, LearnDash, GamiPress and more.

We also talk about gamification with GamiPress, other ways that you can gamify your course or membership site and share some other tips anyone can use to grow and improve their course or membership.

If you’d like to learn more from Paul and get in touch with him you can check out his site here: https://pbdigital.com.au

Other Video Highlights:

  • Paul walks us through how to build a Memberium site with the new BuddyBoss theme, the BuddyBoss Social Platform (a fork of BuddyPress, bbPress and a few other plugins), LearnDash and Elementor.
  • The concept of “wagon wheel” dashboard pages. A member’s home page is supposed to move your members forward to the next part of your program and to the different parts that are available, just like a wagon wheel with different spokes.
  • How you can include concepts from game mechanics, similar to the same ones used in Playstation or Xbox games, to your course or membership site with GamiPress, LearnDash and award points when your member completes an activity (completes a lesson, course, or posts a comment).
  • What’s the difference between BuddyPress, BuddyBoss and the BuddyBoss Social Platform? A little over a year ago BuddyBoss forked BuddyPress, bbPress and a few other plugins and is now known as the BuddyBoss Social platform. We get Paul’s thoughts on what he thinks between the two platforms and which one you should use. Memberium has a built in integration with BuddyPress, and the BuddyBoss social platform that you can find out more about here.
  • The BuddyBoss Platform allows you to add a social component to your WordPress site (activity newsfeeds, groups, forums, in depth user profiles and private messaging)
  • An inside look at how building your courses and lessons with LearnDash works and how easy it is to do.
  • We discuss the concept of game mechanics and how you can use GamiPress to add different gamification elements to your WordPress site.
  • Get an inside look at how Paul worked with Cole’s Classroom to ungate their membership content and find out the outcome that had on the business.
  • How ungating your membership area can be a way to leverage organic traffic and other traffic coming to your site and attract more paying members. Find out what effect this had with Cole’s Classroom and how it helped take their business to the next level.

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