How Tyler Garns Increased Engagement and Retention with a Unique Onboarding Process

In this video, Tyler Garns from Box Out Marketing walks us through his unique process for onboarding new members to his membership site, Success Lab.

Focusing on getting more of your members to stick right from the start of their membership can have a huge impact on improving your retention (and on the overall bottom line of your business).

Success Lab’s average subscription lifetime of a member is 12 months. Tyler attributes a lot of this to the efficient onboarding process they have in place that he walks us through in this video.

Many membership site owners send a welcome email with the login details to a new member and consider them “onboarded”. This video covers some ideas includes adding an onboarding page members get taken to when they first log in and making sure to invite them to a private forum or Facebook Group if it applies to your membership site.

This video was taken from a longer video in our library. Click here to watch the full video (48:12).

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