Upgrading from MemberPress to Memberium: MemberPress Migration Guide

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This guide is intended for people moving from MemberPress to Memberium for Infusionsoft by Keap.

The process of any migration to Memberium is 3 step

  1. Migrate Contacts
  2. Migrate Content
  3. Migrate Billing & Subscriptions

With MemberPress, all of your contacts are stored in WordPress, and we will be able to preserve members’ passwords so nobody will need to change their password.

All of your content should already be in WordPress, so all you’ll need to do is re-protect said content with Memberium.

Lastly, all billing is typically handled in the MemberPress plugin. We’ll cover some of the options available to you in terms of switching billing to Infusionsoft.

Step 1 – Migrating Contacts

The first step is getting all of your members into Infusionsoft.

Exporting Contacts/Members

Exporting your contacts from MemberPress is easy. Simply go to the Members tab and then export your members using the link at the bottom. This will download a CSV that we’ll use to import the contacts into Infusionsoft.

There is one thing you’ll want to update in that CSV before you import it into Infusionsoft. MemberPress doesn’t output the membership name rather the ID. This means we’ll need to use Microsoft Excel or the free Google Sheets editor to change the ID to a name we can import into Infusionsoft.

You can determine the IDs by going to MemberPress > Memberships, and you’ll see the list of your memberships with their ID:

Update the CSV File

Open the file in one of the programs, open the find & replace feature, and replace the membership ID with the desired membership name.

Import the CSV into Infusionsoft

Once you’ve updated those, open Infusionsoft and navigate to the Import Data tool:

From here, you’ll click go on the next screen:

And then you’ll upload your modified CSV file to Infusionsoft.

Match as many fields as you can or desire in the top section. You can see what I’ve matched in my migration below. Then click the small link at the bottom for advanced options.

Under “Set default values for Infusionsoft fields” find the “Password” field and set its default value to: PASSWORD_PLACEHOLDER

This will allow members to keep their existing passwords. For a more descriptive explanation, review this article.

The other key item to note is the memberships field. We already updated the IDs to names and we’ll want Infusionsoft to create tags from the field value.

Once you’ve completed these steps, click the Next button and proceed through the screens until you can view the final review. Ensure everything looks correct and then click “Done”.

Once Infusionsoft has finished the import (it may take several minutes), that’s all that needs to be done as far as importing your contacts.

Step 2 – Migrating Content

Luckily, this step is very simple since all your content is already in WordPress. You won’t need to port over any content into WordPress, but you will need to protect your content with Memberium. With MemberPress you were protecting your content with the Rules you setup.

In Memberium, it’s slightly different. Membership levels are made up of tags in Infusionsoft. This means by having the “Gold Membership” tag in Infusionsoft – you can configure it so that tag corresponds to the Gold membership level.

Creating Membership Levels

Since we already have tags in Infusionsoft, we’ll want to create membership levels from those existing tags. The first step is to go to Memberium > Memberships

On this screen, you’ll type in a membership level name and then in the “Access Tag” dropdown, you’ll select the tag that was created when you imported your contacts. (remember Infusionsoft created these tags for us during the import)

You’ll repeat these steps for each of your desired membership levels.

Protecting Content with Membership Levels

After you’ve created your membership levels, go through your existing content and protect it with the newly created membership levels.

The main difference in protection between MemberPress and Memberium is that with Memberium – you set the protections on each page rather than a separate rules page. By default, child/sub pages will inherit the protections set on the parent page.

As shown in the screenshot above, protecting pages with Memberships is simple. All you need to do is check the box for the desired membership level. At that point, members without the level won’t be able to access the page.

For a detailed video showing you how to protect your content, see this video.

After you’ve gone through and protected your content, you’re done with this step.

Step 3 – Migrating Billing

Now that you’ve got all your contacts and content moved over, it’s time to see if you can move the billing to Memberium. First thing first, Memberium itself does not process payments. We integrate with Infusionsoft to handle payments.

On the other hand, MemberPress integrates directly with Stripe and PayPal to process your payments. Due to PCI compliance regulations, it’s unlikely Stripe or PayPal will be able to hand over and credit card information from your customers.

Without that payment information information, there isn’t any method to move the existing subscriptions from MemberPress into Infusionsoft.

Here’s what we recommend:

First, setup a page using our [memb_add_creditcard] shortcode. This will allow your members to securely add their card details to Infusionsoft right from your site.

Create a page in WordPress and place this shortcode on the page. The end result will look similar to this:

With this form setup, you can send an email through Infusionsoft to all of your members letting them know you’ve upgraded your billing system and they’ll need to re-enter their card details.

From there, you have a couple of options

1) Recreate the subscriptions manually for each user. If you don’t have hundreds of users, this may be the best and simplest way to go.

With the subscription created on each account in Infusionsoft, the card they add through the form above will be used to pay for that subscription. There are no additional steps with this option.

2) If you have too many members to recreate all the subscriptions manually, you can optionally have the form above start a new subscription automatically.

This only downside to option 2 is that if your members recently paid for a 30 day plan and they’re only 15 days in, they may not like that they have to pay already.

You can mitigate that by giving 30 free days before they actually get billed. This will encourage members to re-enter their details and it will eliminate the problem above.

Here’s how to set that up:

First, create an Action Set in Infusionsoft. Name it something like “[membership name] re-signup offer” and select “Create an Order” from the actions dropdown.

Next, set the free trial days to 30 days as shown here:

Then press “Save”. You’ll see the option to edit the order action. This time when you edit there will be more options at the top.

Enter your subscription plan, then press the “Add” button, and then save the action and the action set as a whole.

Lastly, make note of the Action Set ID from the list:

Update the Form to Run this Action Set

Now that the actionset is all ready to go – we’ll want this to automatically trigger when a member adds their card through our form.

On a special page (not the normal “update payment details” page), add this shortcode

[memb_add_creditcard action_ids=YOURID]

Using the above format, my shortocode would be
[memb_add_creditcard action_ids=995]

Billing Conclusion

Regardless of whether you choose to recreate the subscriptions manually or use the automated method above, at this point members should be able to add their card details and resume billing without any hassle.

Final Thoughts & Tips

After migrating your contacts, content, and billing, you’re almost to the point of having a fully working Memberium powered membership site.

We’d suggest you watch our getting started videos which will cover the basics of Memberium, how to setup/modify your onboarding/delivery campaigns, and go over some of the more advanced features we offer.

Every migration is slightly different since everyone has a unique site running different plugins. Our guide won’t and can’t cover every single scenario imaginable

We’d be glad to discuss your site specifically and how the migration might work on our twice weekly Office Hours call. Register to attend by clicking here. If you need immediate help, reach out to our support team at memberium.com/support.

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