MemberiumPay: Sell Your Courses and Memberships Without Any Additional Add-Ons Using Stripe

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What is MemberiumPay

MemberiumPay is a new Memberium feature that allows you to sell access to your online courses or memberships without any additional plugins or ecommerce add-ons using stripe. With it, you can sell an unlimited number of subscriptions and one-off products.

MemberiumPay is now available for all Memberium for ActiveCampaign customers.

This is a simple way that you can sell your membership program, course or any digital products with Memberium. All payment processing is done securely by Stripe and/or PayPal.

MemberiumPay allows you to create simple, well designed, responsive order forms that can be placed on any page in your WordPress site.

Once someone makes a purchase, it automatically triggers actions in your CRM to grant access to the product that’s been purchased and run any other automations that you want to run. MemberiumPay also allows your customers to self manage their accounts through your Memberium site.

Throughout the rest of this article we’ll show you what you can do with MemberiumPay and explain how it works.

What Can You Do With MemberiumPay? Sell Courses and Memberships with ActiveCampaign using Stripe

Sell an Unlimited Number of Online Courses, and Digital Products Sold for a One Time Fee

MemberiumPay allows you to sell an unlimited number of online courses, digital products, and membership products.

You can create as many products and order forms as needed at no extra cost.

Payment details are collected at the bottom of the order form. These details are sent securely to Stripe for payment processing.

Sell an Unlimited Number of Recurring Membership Products For ActiveCampaign

MemberiumPay supports selling subscriptions right out of the box for all PRO license holders. You’ll be able to sell subscription products that can re-bill automatically, monthly, or yearly or any other time period you want to set up your subscription as.

MemberiumPay comes with an option that allows your customers to choose which subscription plan they want at checkout. You can allow them to choose from the monthly or annual plan directly on the order form.

As with all products sold through MemberiumPay, automations you’ve setup in MemberiumPay will get triggered in ActiveCampaign right after a successful purchase. We’ll cover more about automation in a moment.

Sell an Unlimited Number of “Free Trial” Subscription Offers

MemberiumPay makes it easy to sell free trial offers to your membership program.

When you’re creating a subscription product, all you do is check the box that you want to include a trial offer with that subscription product, set the time frame that you want for your free trial and that’s it.

Allow Your Members and Customers to Self Manage Their Own Accounts Through Your WordPress Website

A time-consuming part of a growing membership program is managing all the customer billing related requests. Examples could include a customer needing to update their billing address, add a new credit card, get a past invoice, or cancel a subscription.

MemberiumPay aims to solve this by allowing your members and customers to manage this all on their own through your members area.

Creating this page takes about 30 seconds. You just place the [memb_my_account] shortcode on a WordPress page and publish it. That’s it. It then creates an area as shown in the picture below.

Customers and members will have the ability to update their details without needing to contact you. This includes allowing them to update their billing addresses and adding a new credit card.

They’ll also be able to see any subscriptions tied to their account that shows them the next billing date along with the amount that’s going to be charged.

Clicking the “View” button allows the customer view more details and cancel their subscription if they choose to. Here’s an example of what that looks like…

Automate Delivering and Removing Access to Your Courses and Membership Sites

MemberiumPay integrates with ActiveCampaign out of the box. When you go to set up a product, you’ll see the Automation tab. This tab and the settings inside control what tags get applied after a purchase and what happens when a member’s subscription payment fails or they cancel.

In this example above, after a successful purchase is made, the “Gold Membership” tag is applied to the member’s CRM record automatically. This is the same tag I’d use to protect content in Memberium. I could also apply another tag that could trigger a campaign or automation inside the CRM to run additional actions.

The ‘Failed Purchase’ automation lets you apply tags when the purchase wasn’t successful because the card was rejected (for example). This allows you to automatically followup after a declined order to see if they need assistance or find out what went wrong.

This tag will also get applied if a recurring subscription renewal fails because the card was declined or expired. This will automatically cut off their access until they make the correct payment. Once a member updates their card or a successful payment is made, Memberium will immediately restore their access —all automatic.

When a member cancels a subscription, you’ll need to remove their access. Different membership sites approach this differently, and we give flexibility. You can remove access immediately when they press the “Cancel Subscription” button, or you can let them continue to have access until the end of their billing period.

When they press the “Cancel Subscription” button, any tags in the top box labeled “Cancel Requested” will be applied. On the actual cancellation date, before the next billing date set by Stripe, the tag in the bottom box will be applied.

These are most of the options that are included. You don’t have to use all of them, and you’re free to implement them as your site grows.

Is any E-Commerce Data Stored in ActiveCampaign?

Since MemberiumPay is separate from ActiveCampaign, it doesn’t pass any E-Commerce data to your CRM. The only data passed to your CRM is the tags you want to apply based on the automation settings that we just covered.

How MemberiumPay Makes it Easy to Sell Your Courses or Memberships Through Your WordPress Site

MemberiumPay is designed to be beginner friendly. This means everything is controlled with an easy to use settings panel in your WordPress admin area. If you can use a mouse and keyboard, you’ll be able to configure MemberiumPay.

Here’s more on how MemberiumPay works in the WordPress admin area…

Create Your Course and Membership Products In WordPress

Creating a new product for your Online Course or Membership is easy. You’ll go to the Products tab of MemberiumPay, click ‘Add New’ at the top, and fill out the details as shown below.

You’ll write a short description, set the price and optional sale price, and set the automation settings that you want.

Once your product is created, you’ll need to add it to an order form.

Creating and Customizing Your Order Forms

Creating an order form is as simple as creating the product itself. You’ll give the order form a name, select if it is a single payment or subscription type product, and then select your actual product from the dropdown.

You’ll also want to make sure you’ve added Stripe as the merchant for the order form. In the future, we’re also planning on adding Paypal as a second option.

On the ‘Thank You’ tab, you can customize what happens after a successful order. Should the member be redirected to a different page or just shown a success message? That’s entirely up to you and can be quickly customized on that screen.

To add the order form to a page, you’ll copy the ‘Order Form Shortcode’ from the top right box and paste that into a text block on your desired WordPress page. This works if you’re using the default WordPress editor, Elementor, or any page builder.

To place your order form on a page, you just add the [memb_order_form] shortcode on the page you want to have your order form appear on.

Right out of the box, the order forms look great by default. The order form will automatically pick up on your site’s existing look and feel based on your theme’s settings. For example, here’s the default form on one site…

On another site with different fonts and colors set by the theme, the order form looks slightly different.

You can add any content above or below an order form on your WordPress site. Another customization is you can add a product image in the sidebar. If you’re selling a course or membership where an image isn’t needed, you can use the product image as a place to show a money back guarantee as shown below.

You add the product image in the backend when you’re adding or editing a product.

Out the box, the order forms pick up on your site’s existing styling. If you want to change how the forms look, you can edit CSS to change the styling.

We don’t currently support adding custom fields to any order form.

Viewing Orders in the MemberiumPay Backend

As an admin or site owner, you’ll want to view all your orders and subscriptions that are active on your site. MemberiumPay shows you all orders and subscriptions in the orders tab.

If you click on a particular order, you’ll be able to cancel it if it’s a subscription, update the billing address, and see advanced information such as the logs. You or your customer service reps can use this section to manage specific customer accounts.

Since all the credit card information is securely stored in Stripe (not on your site), to update the card, you’ll have to do that through Stripe. The customer can also add a new card securely through Memberium’s my account page, which we already showed.

MemberiumPay vs. WooCommerce

By this point, you’ve seen a lot of what MemberiumPay can offer you and your site. Many people, possibly even yourself, may be asking how MemberiumPay compares to WooCommerce.

If you’re not familiar with WooCommerce, it’s a free WordPress plugin that provides an entire eCommerce store on your WordPress site. It is highly extendable with free and paid add-on plugins and can be molded to fit many different needs. It can be used for digital products, physical products, selling services, and things like mobile restaurant ordering. The drawback being there are a lot of settings and it can be confusing to get started with. For digital products, it’s probably overkill.

MemberiumPay, on the other hand, is a much simpler offering. Instead of trying to fit every single need, we’re focused on courses, membership programs, and digital products.

To keep things easy to use, we don’t have the advanced features WooCommerce offers. This is by design. Most sites using Memberium don’t need the complexity WooCommerce brings to the table. Instead, they need a simple order form to collect payment for their course and membership programs. Exactly what MemberiumPay does.

Memberium has long recommended WooCommerce as a checkout solution for many of our customers. The biggest drawback is that, to sell subscription products with WooCommerce, you have to purchase a premium addon that is $199 per year. For sites that are just starting, this can be a big purchase. MemberiumPay lets you sell subscription products out of the box. No $199/year addon is needed.

Who should use MemberiumPay?

MemberiumPay is designed for anyone running a membership program or online course that needs a basic order form to collect payment for access to their digital content.

There may be other use cases for MemberiumPay, but we’ve designed it with this purpose in mind. Selling online courses and memberships.

If you’re using Memberium already with ActiveCampaign, MemberiumPay is perfect since it already integrates directly with both CRMs. You can apply an ActiveCamapign tags to any contact after purchase or cancellation to trigger automation.

If you want customers to be able to quickly make a purchase, manage their own accounts to update billing details, and be able to set all of this up in less than a hour, MemberiumPay is a good fit.

Who shouldn’t use MemberiumPay?

MemberiumPay is not designed for sites with advanced needs. For example, if you sell a physical product and need to charge for shipping or collect a shipping address, MemberiumPay’s order forms won’t support this.

MemberiumPay also does not support collecting sales tax or VAT. You will need to build this into your pricing if you’re required to collect it. Since tax is oftentimes based on the buyers’ location, advanced systems are required to determine what tax should be assessed.

If you have more advanced needs, we’d recommend using WooCommerce or another premium platform like ThriveCart or Spiffy.

How do I get started with MemberiumPay?

The great news is that MemberiumPay is included with your purchase of any Memberium for ActiveCampaign plan.

If you’re already a Memberium for ActiveCampaign customer, you’ll simply enable the MemberiumPay extension under Memberium > Settings > Extensions. Once enabled and saved, the MemberiumPay menu item will show up in the left-hand sidebar.

If you’re not already a Memberium customer, pick any ActiveCampaign plan and you’ll be able to get immediate access to the Memberium plugin, which includes MemberiumPay by default in all plans.

In addition to MemberiumPay, you’ll also get immediate access to our Membership Site Builder plugin, which gives you a growing library of full site templates that can be imported with just a couple of clicks. This can drastically speed up the time it takes to build your course or membership site and saves you a ton of time.

FAQs About MemberiumPay

What payment processors does MemberiumPay support?

Right now, MemberiumPay supports Stripe. In order to use MemberiumPay, you’ll need to have a Stripe account to process credit/debit cards. Stripe supports businesses in 43 countries letting them accept over 135 different currencies. Currency conversion is automatic, so you’ll receive payments in your local currency.

We’re already working on launching support for PayPal with MemberiumPay. An announcement will be sent out once it’s ready.

Does Memberium take any fees?

Memberium does not take any fees. However, Stripe does take a default percentage of all transactions (2.9% + $0.30) to process the payments. All merchant/payment processors take a percentage of each order.

What CRM’s Does MemberiumPay Work With?

You’ll need to be using ActiveCampaign as your CRM to use Memberium and MemberiumPay.

MemberiumPay works on the following ActiveCampaign CRM plans:

  • ActiveCampaign Lite
  • ActiveCampaign Plus
  • ActiveCampaign Professional
  • ActiveCampaign Enterprise

Where can I find out how to use MemberiumPay?

You can check out full step-by-step instructions on using MemberiumPay from here.


That concludes this overview of how MemberiumPay works. If you have any questions about MemberiumPay, please join us for our bi-weekly office hour calls or contact our support team.

MembeirumPay is available on all paid Memberium for ActiveCampaign plans currently. All existing customers already have access in the latest version of Memberium that’s available.

If you’re not already a Memberium customer and want to start using MemberiumPay, pick any Memberium plan (ActiveCampaign), and you’ll be able to get immediate access to the Memberium plugin, which includes MemberiumPay.

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