Divi + Infusionsoft by Keap Integration: How to Show or Hide Divi Builder elements with Infusionsoft Tags

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Memberium is designed to make your life easier while you craft and manage the ultimate membership website or online course. This means we’re adaptable to your personal toolkit. If you’re using a WordPress plugin to ease your design workload, then it’s likely we have integration to take advantage of it.

One such integration is Divi. Memberium is one hundred percent integrated with the Divi plugin so you can create the website that perfectly fits your business.

What is Divi?

Divi is a WordPress theme that includes tools for easy, front-end design. It allows you to drag and drop elements to your liking, watching the edits as they happen. With the Divi builder, you can create your own designs and save them for later use. This cuts down on time, and allows you to get your site running faster.

Even if you’ve started with another theme, you can switch to Divi without starting over. Divi has a whole host of user-friendly features that take a lot of the headache out of designing your site. If you make a mistake (or just want to go back), Divi has a simple undo/redo function as well as a log of all your edits, so you can go as far backwards or forwards as you like.

Divi is also popular for its additional support, including hundreds of pre-designed website templates to use and edit to your liking as well as royalty-free photos, icons and illustrations. All of these elements can be used for free by Divi members to add that extra flare to make your site seem truly unique. To learn more about Divi builder you can check this article.

Is Divi a good choice for Membership sites?

If you’re here, you’re probably constructing a membership site or running an online course. And you may be wondering if a tool like Divi is worth it. The short answer is yes. Divi is a WordPress theme and responsive WordPress site builder all in one. It’s far from the only plugin of its kind, but it’s definitely one of the more popular ones. Divi has the kind of easy-to-use content functionality that works really well with membership sites and similar projects.

Membership sites and online courses have additional needs when compared to other sites. They have to be much more dynamic, changing to match each unique user. This requires content to be organized in a much more granular manner, which Divi provides via its “blocks”.

Divi is also helpful in how much time it can save you. There’s a lot of planning and work that goes into designing the layout of a membership site. You have to plan for different membership levels, content progression, and ensure that users are getting their money’s worth. Divi will cut down the time that goes into arranging elements on your site, leaving you more time to focus on planning content.

Because Divi allows you to edit visually, you can see your changes as they happen. This level of front-end development lets you streamline the design process and get more content out quicker. Divi is designed to be used by designers of all levels, so whether you’re a seasoned veteran or stitching together your first site, you’ll be able to find the right level of design control for you.

Divi Infusionsoft

This may sound like a strange combination, but Divi and Infusionsoft by Keap work together brilliantly with Memberium. Here’s how: with Memberium, you can control the visibility of various website elements based on Infusionsoft tags. With this you have the power to expertly craft your membership site.

Memberium can help you section off Divi-created content via Keap tags, log-in status or membership status. And it’s all intuitive and easy to control. In this post, we’ll go over exactly how to do it.

How it works

How it works is very simple. Memberium allows you total control over each Divi “block” of content. You can go in and set content availability to match different criteria. So once you have your design laid out, you can set the access of each component to match certain user types. This will allow your membership site to take full form, and it’s a much quicker process than dealing with shortcodes.

In short, Memberium’s integration with Divi allows you to create your membership site in two main steps: first you design your content layout with Divi and then you section it off with Memberium. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s intuitive.

How to Access the Protection Options

First of all, let’s open the page in the back-end and see the Divi modules on the page. Once we have that opened, we need to click on the “hamburger button” next to the Divi module/element for which we want to change content protection.

Now, you should see a pop-up window like on the image below. Once there, you should navigate to the “Advanced” tab and scroll down just a little bit, until you see “Memberium” headline. Under “Memberium” you’ll the see content protection options available to use.

Click to View Larger


Please note that you can have different content protection options for each of your Divi modules. This allows you to fully control what different members will see.

Protection Options Detailed

Let’s go through the different protection options.

Any Membership Level

This option will automatically activate all of your membership levels. This means that if a user has any of your memebrships they’ll be able to see the content. For instance, if you have 3 membership levels, bronze, silver, or gold, then a user would need just a single one of those to see the content.

Your Different Membership Levels

The options you’ll see in this section depend on what membership levels you’ve set up in Memberium. For example, if you have the following two memberships setup then you’ll see this in the Memberium protection options:

Two membership levels in Memberium
Membership Levels in Divi

You can individually turn a membership level on or off. If the membership is on, then users with that membership will be able to see the content. If it’s off, then users that have that membership won’t be granted access. It’s important to note that if a user has two memberships, one that gives access and one that doesn’t give access, the one that gives access will take effect.

Any Logged In User

Enabling this option will allow any user that’s logged into the site to see the protected content. There are no dependencies on tags, membership levels, etc.

Logged Out Only

This option is very similar to the one above except it works in the opposite way. Only logged out users will be able to see the protected content with this enabled. This is useful for protecting login forms or other content that wouldn’t apply to someone who is logged into the site.

Require Tag IDs

The Require Tag IDs option allows you to select from your Infusionsoft tags one or more tags required for access. If you select multiple tags, the user does NOT need to have all of them – only one of them. For instance, if you select Gold and Silver, the user could see the content by just having the Silver tag.

In addition, you’ll see all your tags have a “Does Not Have {tag name}” option. This allows you to require users don’t have a certain tag to see a particular module/content block.

AND Require Tag IDs

This box works exactly the same as the previous option (Require Tag IDs) except that it allows you to require the user to have a second tag in addition to the tag in the first box. To better explain how this works, please see the image below and we’ll explain what would be required to see the protected content:

In this case, the user would need one tag from the top box (Green or Red) AND they would need one tag from the bottom box (Gold or Platinum). The important thing to remember is that users will need a single tag from each box in order to access the content. Sometimes we have customers think it’s one tag from the top plus ALL tags from the bottom, but that’s not how it truly works.

PHP Boolean Expression

Lastly, we have the PHP Boolean Expression. This option allows you to input true/false PHP functions (Booleans) that can control the visibility of your Divi content. Most of our users won’t need to use this feature as the previously covered options will more than satisfy their content protection needs.

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