Beaver Builder + Infusionsoft by Keap Integration: How to Protect Beaver Builder Blocks Using Infusionsoft Tags With Memberium for Infusionsoft

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With Memberium, there’s no need to choose between a simple web design tool and full control over membership access. We’re proud to offer full integration with multiple page builders, including Beaver Builder.

What is Beaver Builder?

If you’ve not heard of it, Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder that allows you to create pages without needing to know a thing about HTML or CSS. The process is as simple as loading a pre-built template or dragging the blocks you want straight onto the page. Move text, videos, and other content around until you get the site that’s right for your business.

There’s a framework theme included with Beaver Builder to help you get started. Even if you’ve already got a full website, Beaver Builder can help you take complete control over it, redesigning until you’ve got the site you always dreamed of. You can read more about Beaver Builder here.

Designing with Beaver Builder has a lot of advantages.

Design on the front end

The biggest advantage to a design tool like Beaver Builder is the ability to see what you’re creating as you go. Every change happens from the front end, and you can see your edits live. Just imagine how much time you’ll save in the long run designing your site.

Create your own templates

Sometimes one just isn’t enough. If you like what you create, you can save your own designs in Beaver Builder as templates to be reused later.

Content stays with you

The website you create with Beaver Builder stays yours forever. If you decide to switch WordPress themes or even stop using Beaver Builder all together, you won’t lose your content. It will all be automatically ported straight back into the WordPress editor.

The Memberium integration stays with you, as well. When you switch themes, all the settings you’ve created with Memberium’s Beaver Builder Integration stays sectioned off exactly how you designed it.

Beaver Builder for Membership Sites

Beaver Builder is a great tool for putting together your membership website. Its front end functionality gives you an immediate idea of what your members are going to see. And the tools are all there to help you create a unique and worthwhile experience for your customers.

Membership sites depend on content. Beaver Builder helps you display that content and Memberium combines Infusionsoft/Keap tags with Beaver Builder’s content “blocks” to give you full control over your content distribution.

Pairing Memberium with Beaver Builder

Our Beaver Builder Keap Integration lets you take full advantage of Beaver Builder’s design tools for your membership site. Create your site, and then protect your content, individual “blocks” and even entire sections via membership levels, Infusionsoft contact IDs, log-in status, Infusionsoft tag IDs, or PHP boolean expressions. You can even combine different protection options for more advanced access tests.

Check out the menu below for an idea of just how simple it is to protect your content:

Memberium allows you to control the visibility of each individual element or Beaver Builder “block” based on a user’s Infusionsoft/Keap tags. Need content to only be visible to members who are logged in? You can do that. Have a “block” you’re saving for members at a specific level? You can do that, too.

And all your work happens directly in the page builder. There’s no extra work with shortcodes or complicated processes. Design your content with Beaver Builder and divvy it up with Memberium for a guaranteed responsive membership site. It’s that simple.

You’ll get the option to protect content with membership levels, Infusionsoft contact IDs, logged out/in status, Infusionsoft tag IDs, or PHP boolean expressions. You can combine the different protection options for advanced access tests.

This box works the same as the Content Protection Metabox.

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