Seven Ways to Leverage AI for Your Membership Business in 2023

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AI is shaping the future of many industries, including membership businesses and online courses.

This guide will give you a closer look at how you can use AI to streamline and grow your membership platform or online course.

The growth of AI has made many tools and resources available, including ChatGPT, that can revolutionize the way you run your business. While we may not be AI experts, we’ve gleaned insights from our experiences and paid mentorships, and here we will share seven key strategies that can leverage AI to give you a competitive edge.

1. Develop a Course Outline and Framework with AI

Chat GPT prompts can be incredibly useful in creating a comprehensive course outline that includes everything from buyer personas, pain points, and desires to marketing plans.

In fact, we’ve actually created a mega-prompt that you can download and use for yourself:

Click here to get the prompt

Using the prompt above, you’ll be able to get the following output. This by itself gives you a huge advantage over anyone else who isn’t using something like this.

Even if you already have a course or membership site, running this prompt may give you new insights or angles to reach current and untapped markets.

2. Use AI for Marketing, Copy, and Sales Messages:

AI tools are not limited to creating course outlines, they can also generate impactful marketing copy and compelling sales messages. Providing detailed context to AI prompts can help create more engaging and targeted content.

That’s why we’d recommend first seasoning your AI assistant by giving it the context like we showed above.

Letting it know your target member, their pain points, the price point, and more will give more context for your assistant to create better outputs.

3. Integrate AI with Elementor Page Builder:

If you’re using WordPress, Elementor Page Builder’s AI feature allows you to generate headlines, content, and even images directly on your website, making the creation of marketing copy or site visuals easier than ever.

Beyond that, you can actually have it generate code snippets for your site.

If you’re not experienced with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, this can be a game changer to get functionality you always wanted but couldn’t code yourself on your membership site.

Elementor’s AI feature is still in beta at the time of writing so results may vary.

4. Translate Your Course Using AI:

AI can translate your content into other languages allowing you to reach markets you couldn’t have previously.

For written content, tools like DeepL can translate text or even whole documents into various languages. It can translate Word, PDF, and Powerpoints and retain formatting.

For video content and courses, we’ve found that can transcribe and translate your video into another language, even cloning your voice!

In the video at the top of this post, there’s a clip of me speaking in Spanish which wouldn’t be possible without AI (or years of practice).

5. Summarize Long-form Content with AI:

Use AI to condense long-form content into easily digestible summaries. This approach can save time and help streamline the creation of bullet points for emails, marketing copy, and more.

6. Create Voiceovers with AI:

AI voice cloning can be a game-changer for your content creation process. AI tools like Descript can replicate your voice, allowing your team to create content in your voice without you needing to be physically present.

Another powerful tool we’ve found is ElevenLabs.

Their voice cloning tool is significantly more natural sounding compared to Descript. It does come at a higher cost.

7. Generate Short-form Content on Autopilot:

Opus.Pro is a tool that summarizes an entire video, then creates highlights and short clips perfect for social media sharing or other promotional activities.

All automatic!

All you have to do is is give it a YouTube link or upload the video file and it’ll deliver 10 different short form clips with captions, a headline, and transcript.

This tool will save us literal hours here are Memberium. If you’re not already publishing short form content for your membership site to generate awareness, you’re missing out.

Use Opus to get on the train with minimal effort.

And that’s a wrap!

By implementing these AI strategies, you can optimize your business processes, reach a wider audience, and focus on the more creative aspects of your work. Leverage the power of AI for your membership business today!


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