LifterLMS: Free LMS Plugin with Keap Integration

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If you’ve been exploring the realm of online courses, then you must’ve stumbled upon Learning Management Systems or LMS. In today’s digital age, LMS platforms are the heart and soul of e-learning, providing tools and resources to create, manage, and deliver educational content.

In this article, we’ll shed light on a particular LMS – LifterLMS – and how it seamlessly integrates with Memberium.

What is LifterLMS?

LifterLMS stands out among the numerous LMS platforms available. It’s a free WordPress plugin that focuses on four primary aspects:

1. Courses – This is the basic functionality of any LMS. With LifterLMS, you can create courses that are user-friendly and visually appealing.
2. Quizzes – Engage your students better by incorporating quizzes into your courses. Assess their learning and understanding of the subject.
3. Achievements and Badges – A touch of gamification! Reward your students for their progress, ensuring they are motivated throughout the course.
4. Certificates – Upon course completion, reward your students with certificates, a feature that comes with a built-in certificate builder.

What sets LifterLMS apart? While many LMS plugins come at a cost, LifterLMS offers these core functionalities absolutely free of charge. This provides new course creators an affordable entry point into the world of online education.

Do You Need an LMS if You’re Using Memberium?

Here’s a question that many users often ask: “If I’m already using Memberium, do I really need an LMS?”

While Memberium lets you create pages in WordPress using templates and protect that content, the answer is nuanced. An LMS like LifterLMS offers additional features like quizzing, gamification, certificates, and a structured organization of the courses, enhancing the user experience for both admins and students.

Memberium complements this by ensuring the course’s protection, automation, and the management of access. In simple terms, while LifterLMS focuses on the content delivery, Memberium protects it and ensures it’s delivered to the right audience.

Add-ons and Upgrades

Although the core functionalities of LifterLMS come for free, there are premium add-ons available. Many of these add-ons revolve around payments and other related functionalities – something Memberium already handles for you. But if you’re looking to include advanced quiz question types, then LifterLMS has add-ons available for that too. Always check the latest pricing on the LifterLMS website to stay updated.


Are you considering introducing an LMS to your platform? Or perhaps you’re looking to switch? LifterLMS might be the perfect solution for you, especially when combined with the power of Memberium. For a detailed step-by-step guide, don’t forget to check out the full tutorial linked below. And as always, thank you for stopping by, and we wish you the best in your e-learning journey!

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