How to Fix 5 Common Login Redirect Issues

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Memberium has various options that allow you to configure where to redirect the logged-in user. Two such options that allow you to configure this are using the [memb_loginform] along with the ‘redirect’ parameter, and the second option is using the Membership homepage setting. However, even after configuring correctly, the user might not be getting redirected to the correct page.

That’s why in this article, you’ll learn how to fix any problem that you’re facing with redirecting users after the login and get help redirecting users to the correct page on your membership site.

Selecting the Correct Membership Homepage

To redirect the user to a particular page after the login, we recommend selecting the Membership homepage from Memberium > Memberships and editing the membership level.

The Membership Homepage is the page where your users would be redirected to once they login to the site. The advantage of using this method is that you can select a different page based on each membership level.

membership homepage

If your users have multiple membership levels each with their own membership homepage, you’d need to set “Login priority” which determines which redirect will take effect. The user would get redirected to the page with higher priority. The “Login priority” can be set from Memberium > Memberships page.

login priority

Elementor login module/widget

Your users might not get redirected to their correct page when using Elementor’s login module/widget.

If you’re using Elementor’s login module/widget, then it has an option to redirect the user to a particular page after login. If you need to use Elementor’s login element, you can set the page redirect to:

Replace the domain with yours.

Making this change would help fix the problem, and members would get redirected to their correct membership homepage.

Using the [memb_loginform] shortcode

The easiest way to add a login form on the site is by using the [memb_loginform] shortcode.

Instead of using other plugins to add a login form, we recommend using this shortcode since it’s simple to use, it won’t create issues with login redirect, and it can be styled easily using CSS. We also provide ready-made page templates that include a login page that uses this same shortcode.

If you’re using the [memb_loginform] shortcode and are not getting redirected to the correct page, then here are a few checks:

  • Check if you’re using the redirect parameter in the [memb_loginform] shortcode. If you are, then remove this parameter as most of the time, it’s not needed. Once it’s removed, the user should then get redirected to their correct membership homepage.
  • If you’re still being redirected to an incorrect page then try using the redirect parameter with URL as /wp-admin/, Here’s an example:
[memb_loginform redirect=”/wp-admin/"]

Are you using any other plugin for the login form?

If you’re using some other plugin for your login form and are not getting redirected to the correct page after login, then you might want to deactivate that particular login plugin. Instead of using that login plugin, try to use the [memb_loginform] and then test it out again.

If it’s working now, then it means that there’s a problem with the plugin that you’re using and in that case, you can continue to use the [memb_loginform] shortcode.

Some login form plugins include hardcoded redirects to specific pages. Memberium can’t override these in some cases which causes members to be taken to the page set by the login form plugin and not Memberium.

Check Theme settings

Sometimes the problem can be because of a login redirect set in your theme settings.

Check your ‘login’ section of your theme settings, and if there’s any redirect set, then you’d need to remove the login redirect URL from there so that Memberium can control the redirect instead of your theme.

Still facing the problem?

If you’ve gone through these steps and still face the problem, please contact the Memberium support team by opening a support ticket.

Here’s the information we’ll need from you:

  • A link to your WordPress membership site (URL)
  • Admin login to your WordPress site (this can be temporary)
  • Test user logins (non-admin user)
  • Short description that includes the desired page vs. the page they’re currently being taken to after logging in.

Once we have the required information, we’ll be able to help you with this.

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