How to Get More Leads by Offering 3 Free Lessons as a Lead Magnet [Templates Included]

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It can be hard to figure out how to create an effective lead magnet to promote your course or membership program. You’re an expert in your area of expertise. You might not necessarily be an expert on how to generate leads. In this post, we’re going to share one of the easiest and most effective ways you can create a new lead magnet to promote your program.

The best part is you don’t have to create anything new if you already have your course or membership program created to do this.

The way this type of lead magnet works is you take 3 lessons (could be more or less) from your existing membership site or course, and turn that into the lead magnet that you’ll give away.

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Create and Test Different Lead Magnets Using Different Lessons to See What Works Best

You can pick different subjects, topics, or areas of interest that your program covers and turn them into different lead magnets to test. When you find a winner, you can use that to help you grow your site and attract new paying members or students.

You can also experiment with creating different lead magnets that appeal to the different avatars who would be interested in your membership program.

When you do find a winner you can use that to grow your program. It gives prospects a sense of the value that they’ll get from joining your paid program. After they complete the free lessons, that’s a great time to introduce them becoming a full member or full student to keep learning more.

Templates Included With the Membership Site Builder Make It Easy to Set Up

The Membership Site Builder plugin (that’s included for free for all Memberium customers) includes some pre-built templates you can use to build and promote your membership site or course with. In the ‘Modern Course Creator’ and ‘Elite Program’ sites, there’s a pre-designed opt-in page and free lesson page templates that you can use to build this type of lead magnet.

These templates are built with Elementor which makes it easy to customize with your own content.

In the rest of this article, I’ll walk you through setting up the opt-in page and the free lessons page templates as a lead magnet from start to finish.

Here’s an overview of how these pages work. You can also use automated emails to remind your prospects to watch all the lessons you’re giving them and follow up after they’re done.

The site visitor will come to the opt-in page. This could be from organic traffic or paid ads. From there, they enter their name and email address. They’ll receive an email that gives them login details and a link to access the free lessons.

Setting Up Your Opt-In Page and Web Form With Keap or ActiveCampaign

The Free Course Opt-In page has an opt-in form at the top of the page. Based on your CRM, you will use a Keap web form or an ActiveCampaign form to opt-in prospects.


You can edit the placeholder form with your own opt-in form with ease. To edit the form, you will click on the form and click the pencil sign that appears at the right corner. It will open an HTML code widget on the left side of the Elementor page. Here you’ll paste your HTML form code from your CRM.

You need to go to your Keap or ActiveCampaign CRM to create your own form and get the code.

How to Find Your Keap Webform Code

If you use Keap (previously Infusionsoft) you will go to your Campaign Builder and click on the webform in your campaign. If you don’t have a web form already added to your campaign, you’ll need to add a new form. In case you need help with creating a new webform, you can follow this article from Keap for detailed instructions.

Once you double click the webform, you will see the backend of the form. There are 4 tabs at the top. You’ll go to the Code tab and select the HTML Code (unstyled). Now the code you see in the box below is what you need to copy. You can copy the entire code by clicking the copy sign on the right side. See below screenshot…

You are now ready to paste the code on the Free Course Optin page into the HTML Code block for the opt-in form.

How to Find Your ActiveCampaign Webform Code

If you’re using ActiveCampaign CRM, to copy the form code, you need to click on the Sites on the left menu.

On the next screen, you will click on the Forms option to view the list of your ActiveCampaign forms.

To copy the embed code of your ActiveCampaign form, click on the dropdown at the right-hand side and click on the Integrate option.

The embed code will appear when you click on the Embed tab. You can go ahead and copy the embed code and paste it into the HTML Code block on the Free Course Optin page, as we discussed earlier.

If you need any help with creating an ActiveCampaign form, you can check their documentation about the same here.

Autologin Users or Send Login Details

Once a prospect fills out the Keap or ActiveCampaign form, you’d want to either autologin the user and redirect to the Free Lesson page or send an email with the login details.

Automatically logging in the prospect and taking them straight to the free lessons is a great user experience, but some sites avoid this as people will enter fake email addresses. Making them check their email confirms the address is valid.

If you’re using ActiveCamapign, you won’t be able to autologin the person straight from the form as it’s not supported. Instead, you can send the autologin link in an email that the user can click. You can determine whether you want to autologin the user or send an email with login info based on how sensitive data you store on your site.

Autologin through a Keap Webform

To autologin the user through a Keap Webform, you will use a Memberium Autologin Link. This is a ready to use link that you’ll simply copy and paste. You will find your Memberium Autologin HTTP Post from Memberium -> Settings -> HTTP Posts/Links screen. As shown in the below screenshot, you need to use the Webform Autologin Example.

The link you copy from the Memberium admin area needs to be set as the Thank You Page URL for your Keap opt-in form. I have explained in this article earlier how you can access your webform from Campaign Builder. You will go to the Thank-you Page tab.

Be sure to select the Web address option from the dropdown and check the boxes for ‘Redirect to thank you page’ and ‘Pass contact’s information to the thank-you page’ options before you paste the Memberium Autologin URL in the field.

At the end of the link, You’ll replace “/your-page/” with the slug of the Free Lesson page. See the below example of how we changed it to /free-lesson-1/

If you need more help on using Memberium’s autologin feature, check our documentation here.

If you decide against autologging in the users, you can trigger a standard password generation Keap campaign builder sequence to send an email with the login details to the users.

Autologin through ActiveCampaign CRM

As I mentioned above, ActiveCampaign form doesn’t support the webform autologin function. However, it does support autologin from an email (just not a form). This means we can send the member a link to click which will automatically log them in and take them to the free lesson.

You can copy the Email Autologin link from the Memberium -> Settings -> Web Hook/Links tab. You will just go ahead and use the autologin link in an email template. When a user fills out the opt-in form, you can trigger an ActiveCampaign automation that sends an email with the autologin link.

Similar to the autologin link for Keap, you want to replace the placeholder value for the “redir” parameter with the slug for the Free Lesson page.

If you decide to protect the Free Lesson page with a tag or a membership level, you can use “tag_ids”  parameter with the autologin link to assign the required tag to the user.

If you don’t want to use an autologin link, you can send an email with the username and password when someone opts in.

If you need more details about the autologin link for ActiveCampaign, you can read this article.

How to Link Free Lessons

The free lesson pages have a section on the sidebar titled “Your Free Lessons.” You can see a list of free lessons listed on the sidebar. This navigation is controlled by a WordPress menu. The default menu we imported is called “Free Course Menu Example.”

You can edit the menu from your WordPress Admin Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus section. By default, the menu has 3 lessons included, so all you need to do is change the title of the menu items. You can optionally leave it as it, and everything should already be linked together.

If you want to offer less than 3 free lessons you can remove the additional lesson from the menu by clicking the Remove link. In case you want to offer more than 3 lessons you can add additional lessons to the menu.

How to Edit Lesson Pages

You can edit the Free Lesson Page installed by the Membership Site Builder plugin in minutes. To replace the placeholder video you can simply edit the video and replace the video link as shown in below screenshot. You can use video links for videos hosted through Vimeo, YouTube or Dailymotion. You can also use a self hosted video.


Just like the opt-in page, the free lesson pages also have different sections like a course title and description section, a teacher’s bio section, a testimonial section, and an FAQ section.

The most important section is the call to action. This is the box that says “Join Now and Get Started” – you’ll want to make sure to link to an order form or pricing page.

Editing these sections is super easy. You can simply go ahead and edit the section you want to edit and change the text. To change the picture of an instructor, all you need to do is upload a new picture or select a picture from your media library and save the changes.

In case you don’t want to use a particular section of the template, you can simply delete it. The templates are completely customizable. You’re free to use them as is or modify them heavily.


This article shows how you can easily edit the content of the Free Course Optin page as well as the Free Lesson pages and connect them together for capturing leads while promoting content from your paid membership program or online course.

The templates we’ve shown in this article are part of the Membership Site Builder. All new Memberium customers or any existing ones can get access to the Membership Site Builder at no extra cost. It’s included in your Memberium purchase. Immediately after purchase, you’ll get access to the Install Wizard which includes this plugin. For all existing customers, it’s available for download through the Memberium member’s area.

To use the Membership Site Builder to quickly build your membership site or course, just pick the plan that’s right for you and you’ll be able to get started instantly!

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