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With GDPR in mind, we have added a feature to the Memberium plugin (available as of Version 2.55 if you’re using the Infusionsoft version of Memberium or as of version 1.5 if you’re using the ActiveCampaign version of Memberium) to more easily erase the data of a user that the Memberium plugin has processed on your website.

We’ve also added a feature within the Memberium plugin to generate a copy of the data of a user that the Memberium plugin has processed on your website.

Both of these features are integrated into the WordPress provided tools that other plugins you use can integrate with. As time goes on, exporting and erasing data from all the plugins on your site should become easier as more developers integrate their plugins with these tools.

Export Data Function

The Export Personal Data tool can be found in WordPress under the Tools item in the leftmost menu of the WordPress Admin Dashboard:

Inside of the tool – you’ll see the option at the top to enter a Username or Email Address. In most cases, you’ll enter the contact’s email address. This will send the request to that user’s email. They will receive a link that upon clicking will allow you to email them the report or you can download the report for yourself (this is useful if you collect other data that WordPress doesn’t know about as you’ll want to add that to the report).

The report with Memberium data looks like this (screenshot) Other plugins can have the data they collect and store added to the report, too. This is up to the plugin developer as explained earlier.

Erase Data Function

The erasure feature will delete all of Memberium’s plugin data for the specified contact. Other plugins can have their data deleted if they integrate their plugin with this WordPress feature. After you’ve processed the erasure, you’ll delete the contact in WordPress and Infusionsoft as you normally would.

Once you delete the user from WordPress and Infusionsoft after running the contact through the erasure tool, all their data will be removed as required from WordPress, Infusionsoft, and the WordPress database.

Please contact our support team with any questions.

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