Episode 17: Micah’s Inside Advice on How to Run a Successful Online Business in 2018

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In this episode, Micah Mitchell shares his candid advice on running online business and the inside story of how he’s lead Memberium to where it is today.

Micah goes in-depth on a wide range of topics that most membership site owners and entrepreneurs can learn from.

The story begins with Micah’s first decision to quit his first office job right after high school and start a lawn care company. That led him to start learning how to build websites in the early 2000’s and the rest is history.

Micah shares some inspiring and helpful advice on how to be a successful membership site owner and tips on operating with a remote team. One of the key points Micah focuses on is how to entice your members to stay interested in the content you put out by providing value they will want to pay for.

He explains his “quick and dirty” approach to implementing things in his business. Where he believes it is best to start with a minimum viable product first, so it gets out as fast as possible, and learn from market feedback after.

There is no doubt Micah will impress you with his thoughts on competition, which he sees as an opportunity for collaboration and partnership.

Other topics Micah touches up on in this episode include the importance of the team in a business, as well as the importance of diversity in a team and tips on managing a remote team across the world. He also talks about his hiring strategies for remote hires and much more.

To wrap it up, Micah discussed about the importance of trusting your gut when running a business, especially as a self-made entrepreneur. He also discusses the importance of keeping the end in mind when it comes to business ownership.

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