“7 Activators” Required to Increase Client Engagement, Course Completion Rates & Profitability

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In this video from last year’s Membership Summit, Mike Weiss, leading internet marketing expert and founder of the Client Engagement Academy, walks us through the “7 Activators Required to Increase Client Engagement Course Completion Rates & Profitability” and why they’re critical to the success of any membership site or online course.

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Do you ever ask yourself why don’t more of your customers complete your online course or online training program?

Udemy, one of the largest online course providers on the internet, has on average, a course completion rate of just 8%. Another example, Online business development courses. Have on average, a course completion rate of a measly 3%…

This is a pattern with a majority of online courses, most of them have very low completion rates.

Mike has been a successful internet marketer since the early 2000’s. He’s consulted with some of the world’s leading small businesses, speakers, and clients such as Digital Marketer – Ryan Deiss, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Jon Benson, Alex Mandossian and many more.

After working with a number big clients, Mike realized that low course completion rates (and their client’s level of online engagement) was a problem he needed to solve. He also realized fixing this problem would end up having a HUGE affect on any businesses’ bottom line.

In this video, Mike walks you through how he went about solving this problem and how it lead to the birth of the “7 Activators”.

To find out what the 7 activators are, check out the full video.

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About Mike Weiss

Mike is one of the top experts in creating engaging online courses and increasing client engagement. Mike founded the Client Engagement Academy, which has quickly established itself as the leading organization that utilizes modern technology and proven adult education strategies to increase client engagement and online course graduation rates.

Mike was a finalist for Infusionsoft’s 2012 Internet Marketer of the Year award. He has consulted with some of the top small businesses, speakers, and clients such as Digital Marketer – Ryan Deiss, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Jon Benson, Alex Mandossian and many other entrepreneurs.

If you liked Mike’s presentation, you’ll want to check out his his new course titled “E-learning Engagement and Profit Mastery” that covers what’s working now and how to increase your profits by adding only a little extra effort!

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