5 Ways to Monetize your Membership Site

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If you’re a membership site owner, then you might be looking for some ideas on monetizing your membership site. So apart from the normal way, which is by selling subscriptions to your courses and such, there are some other ways also that can be used to monetize membership sites. In this article, we’ll share five ways in which you can monetize your membership site.

Ways to Monetize a Membership site


1. Selling your course or membership product/subscription

The membership site should offer quality content, be it by selling a course, membership product, or subscription to the users. Which of these options you should choose depends on what you’re offering.

The main aim should always be to offer some value to the user/member of your site so that the user keeps coming back, and also it would help in getting new customers.

Having good, great content should always be a high priority regardless if it’s a membership site, online course, or a simple blog.

2. Promoting affiliate offers and get commissions

A membership site can promote affiliate products and subscriptions thereby earning commission with it.

However, only such affiliate products/services should be promoted that can offer some value to your readers and should be related to your niche.

There isn’t anything wrong with promoting such offers but one shouldn’t overdo it.

For example, there shouldn’t be affiliate banners everywhere on the site. Banners or links should be placed strategically and should not affect the user experience in a bad way.

Also if you’re promoting affiliate offers/links then your site should also have a disclaimer about this and this disclaimer is required by law, legally in many countries.


3. Upselling product/subscription

Upselling is offering an upgrade at an attractive price or offering some addons along with the purchase. Upselling is one other superb method to maximize the revenue of the membership site. It is one of the best-known sales technique that gives good results if implemented properly.

You might have seen upselling at stores also when the salesperson offered you a bundled product instead of just the individual product that you were planning to purchase. For example, you might be planning to purchase just a keyboard but the salesperson offered you a combo of mouse and keyboard instead. Now that’s upselling done right 🙂

Similarly, you can plan to do such an upsell on your membership site. For example, when they’re purchasing a single product, during checkout you might want to show another similar product that adds more value to the existing product or offer some other addons at an attractive price.

If you’re using Memberium then we have [memb_place_order] shortcode that allows you to do one-click upsell easily.

4. Offer a one-on-one coaching call for a fee

One way to monetize a membership site is by offering one-on-one coaching calls for a fee. Such calls are usually charged per hour, but it really depends on what type of call you’re offering.

For example, let’s say you’ve got very good knowledge in some particular field and your users really like your content. In that case, you can ‘up’ the game by offering such one-on-one calls or private coaching calls to your members.

However, such calls should be scheduled at a time that’s convenient for both parties and a record option should also be provided so that the user/member can check the call recording later on.

5. Running display ads on the site

They say ads are inevitable. Well, showing ads has always been an easy way to earn money from the site and you must have seen advertisements on some of the most popular sites and even on search engines.

So running ads is not bad, but the ad should not be distracting the user/member of your site as that can degrade the user experience. Ideally, ads should be placed minimally, and also it’s a good idea to place ads on only some pages of the site and not on the entire site.

It is also very important to have relevant ads running. For example, if the content on the site is based on mental health, then it shouldn’t be showing ads on technology.

Some sites have just one ad running on the page and some may have more so it really depends on the site but it should not be a distraction or be at the center of the content. Note that your content should always be the king and NOT the ads that you’re showing.

Hope this article gave some ideas on monetizing membership and online course sites.

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