How To Increase Your Membership Site and Elearning Course Sales, Profits and Get Leads For Free

In this new video and Memberium Certified Partner of the month presentation, Mike Weiss from the Client Engagement Academy gives us an exciting break down about why this is the absolute best time and the worst time to be involved in digital courses and online memberships.

Over the years, Mike struggled with figuring out how to create a truly transformational and successful online course.

During this time (back around 2009) he was also able to generate millions from selling courses in a short amount of time. Throughout this period, he also made a lot of mistakes and learned a ton of valuable lessons throughout this process.

After years of research and decades of marketing experience, Mike was able to discover a secret that helps solve the main problem that most online courses have. Even courses created by some of the world’s top influencers often have this same problem…

Throughout this video, Mike will be sharing what that secret is along with some of the other core concepts and important lessons he’s learned over the years when it comes to creating a truly successful online course / membership site…

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The online education is a $256 billion a year industry growing 17% annually. Only about 3% of all education on our planet is digitized.

The exciting part about this is, this is just the beginning of the online education industry in the scope of human history. There’s a massive amount of opportunity here for you to be able to make an impact with your course or program.

It’s the worst time because the whole online education industry needs a ‘shot in the heart’ to give itself a wake-up call. You’ll find out exactly what this means in the video and why it’s so important…

Throughout his life, Mike helped start five separate multi-million dollar companies. One of them sold personal development courses online in 2009, it generated about $2 million during the first sixteen months of its existence. Pretty impressive, right?

Despite the outward appearance of success, there was something they struggled with internally that made them all really upset. What was it? It was the low completion rates of the courses they were selling. This had an enormous impact on the businesses growth and bottom line.

Instead of growing through acquiring more customers over time and turning them into repeat customers; roughly 90% of their customers wouldn’t go on to buy anything else from them after, because they hadn’t finished the first course they had purchased!

Basically, this put them in the business of having to constantly replace their customers, instead of building on top of the ones they’ve already acquired.

This served as a pivotal lesson that Mike had learned that served as the building block that Client Engagement Academy was founded on.

This same, exact problem is rampant across the whole online education industry. Even big influencers have this same problem with their own courses.

You’ll see so many people advertising success with their “successful” online courses that are generating millions…

Successful on the outside, not so successful on the inside. If you’re just getting into the online education space and are thinking about starting your own membership site or course, this is something that you really need to understand.

What happens when you focus more on creating actual outcomes for your customers and increasing the impact your course has is truly amazing.

What’s even more amazing is the results this has on a businesses bottom line.

Throughout the end of this video, you’ll get a sneak peek at some of the courses Mike and the Client Engagement Academy team have built with Memberium.

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