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In this video, Melodie Moore from Business Tech Ninjas shares her expertise on how businesses can avoid lost revenue by having proper payment failure systems and reporting in place. 

Here are just a few of the highlights in the video:

  • A horror story of failed payments for 6+ months and what you need to know to avoid this in your own business (3:30)
  • How not having the right payment failure system in place is costing you MORE than just cash – but possibly even your reputation (7:35)
  • Melodie’s proprietary “Cashflow System” and how much you’ll save by being proactive (17:03)
  • A “secret” way to increase sales almost overnight that most people simply overlook in the membership site industry (25:53)
  • Learn about the “Canadian Cancel” and how to potentially save churning members (31:50)

Melodie and her company Business Tech Ninjas is 1 of 3 Memberium Agency Certified Partners. There are our platinum level partners who have shown extreme dedication to serving their clients with the numbers and results to back it up.

If you want to learn more about Melodie’s system and potentially have her and her team implement it for you, visit: https://businesstechninjas.com/getpaid

If you’re interested in becoming a Memberium Certified Partner yourself, enrollment is currently open but closing soon: https://memberium.com/certify

Not an agency or consultant but want to learn how to master Memberium for yourself (or get your team trained)? Check the Memberium Training Program: https://memberium.com/training-program/

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