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What Would It Mean To You if you could increase your revenue by simply knowing how to better use memberium?

I’ll let you in on a little secret…¬†most people aren’t using 50% of Memberium’s POWER.

The reason is that they simple don’t know many of these features – many of which can help increase your revenue. We’ve made a great deal of effort in recording, editing, and documenting how all of these features work and it’s all available on our website. What we’ve done in this training program is organized all of those videos and trainings into a structured course for you (or your team) to follow.

You‘ll learn how to use features most people don‘t even know about, and how to optimize Memberium to get the most out of your membership site.

If you have an internal team or hired consultant, put them through the training and track their progress. This way you can be confident your site is being managed by someone who knows what they’re doing.

PLUS – you’ll get access to membership.coach which is regularly $497. This site is packed with content around marketing and growing your membership site. You’ll also get email templates you can copy/paste and more. This by itself costs more than what you’re gonna pay today by joining the Memberium Training Program.

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Memberium Training Program

Same training and exam as the Certified Partner Program that costs $2997/year except without the certification and listing on our site. Made to train yourself or your in-house team on how to master Memberium.