Streamlining Your Tech Stack & Gamifying Your Membership Site with Memberium Certified Agency Partner Kyle Newton

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Get ready to up your membership site game! In this video, you’ll join Kyle Newton, founder and owner of TribePUB, one of the three Agency Certified Memberium Partners, as he shares his secrets for building highly engaging membership sites for his enterprise level clients – and how everything he learned applies to you even if you’re just starting.

Discover how his team balances custom plugin building with a minimalistic approach by relying on Memberium, LearnDash, and BuddyBoss. Kyle also shares how he takes the power of hyper-personalization and brings it to smaller sites, without any custom coding required! All you need are plugins like GamiPress.

But that’s not all! Get a behind-the-scenes look at Kyle’s strategy for boosting member engagement through personalized experiences and gamification. See how these tactics can drive up your bottom line and take your membership site to the next level. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best!

This video is part of a 3-part series where we’ve interviewed all of our Memberium Certified Agency Partners. 

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Interview Highlights:

  • A simple but effective lead generation tool you can build this week (4:55)
  • How to hyper-personalize your site without custom coding (9:02)
  • How gamification & assessments can lead to an increase in revenue (14:47)
  • The power of relying on Memberium and other core plugins to simply custom coding (16:59)
  • Lead Conversion vs. Lead Generation and why the distinction matters (23:42)
  • Kyle’s piece of advice for anyone wanting to scale their membership site in 2023 (32:05)
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