Use Memberium On An Unlimited Number of WordPress Installs Under Your Domain Name

No Limits to the Number of Times You Can Use Memberium On Your Domain...

By “Unlimited Installs” that literally means you can install Memberium on an unlimited number of WordPress installations under your domain name with a Standard Memberium license. 

Or an unlimited number of installs on an unlimited number of domain names with a Memberium Pro or Advanced license!

The one exception is all of these Memberium installs need to be connected to the same Infusionsoft app. If you have an advanced license, you can connect to up to 3 apps. If you ever change app names in the future, you can change the app that your site is licensed under anytime.

Most other membership platforms limit the number of WordPress installs you can use their membership plugin on to just one WordPress installation if you have a “1 site” license with them. 

That means if you want more than one WordPress installation under your domain using other membership plugins, you’ll either have to upgrade to an unlimited domain license (if they even offer one…) or purchase an additional license to cover it.  

When you have a standard license with Memberium, you can install and use Memberium on an unlimited number of WordPress installs under your one domain name with no limits. 

As an example, this could be,,, and an unlimited number of other uses that you’d want to come up with to use on your domain name. 

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Why would you need to use a membership plugin on more than one WordPress installation under one domain?

Online Courses

If you run an online course that you update once every year with a big launch 1-2 times annually, some people prefer to create a new version of their site each year on a new WordPress install and different subdomain.

This allows you to separate what’s new in your course every year. Only students who bought that year’s version of the course would get “lifetime access” to that version of the course. For example if they bought the 2019 version, they’d only get access to that year’s course inside of

That way, the next year, when you come out with an updated version of your product (, only new students who buy that year will get access to that new version of your course or program. In the future, it allows their “lifetime access” experience to stay the same after, since they only have access to that year’s version of the program.

Selling Multiple Courses and Different Membership Programs

A common use case is experts setting up different WordPress installs for each of their online courses and membership programs that they sell.  Of course, Memberium also makes this easy to do all within one WP installation.

If you want, you can separate your installs and allow your members to log in to all of them with the same password (or allow them to log in between them automatically) if they should have access to your different sites. You can create bundled offers of your programs at different price points or sell access to all of them through a higher tier subscription.

However you’d like to set your site up is entirely up to you. Memberium gives you the power and flexibility to do whatever you want. Something hard to beat when you compare Memberium to other membership plugins currently on the market.

Business Growth

As your business grows, so will your needs. You won’t know what you’ll need in the future. The one thing you do know is you won’t want to be held back or limited by the membership platform that you’re using.

Memberium is used and trusted by some of the world’s top internet marketers, along with thousands of other successful membership site owners and course creators like yourself for a reason…

It comes with the power and flexibility to run the type of site that you need for your business, without holding you back. Whether that be a super simple online course at first, or as advanced of a membership site as you want. When you get started using Memberium, you can rest assured that Memberium will be able to grow with you.


At some point, everyone develops a new version of their site. You’ll want to make sure everything is working correctly on a test version of your site first before going live. With most other membership platforms, you’ll need to purchase an additional license to do this.

When you’re using Memberium, you can rest assured you won’t have to worry about this. When it comes to creating a new version of your site (or anything) we’re here to help with anything you need through our 5-Star support team and office hour calls held twice every week.

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