GET Your Membership Questions ANSWERED
by the Memberium Team on a Live Zoom Call

Join us for “Office Hours” every Tuesday and Thursday. This is an open format Zoom call where you come on and ask any membership related question to get an answer directly from the Memberium team.

Anyone Can Join Office Hours!

It’s designed to help customers and partners get things done but it’s also for answering your general questions about Memberium and membership sites : )

Tuesday @ 10am   and   Thursday @ 5pm MDT

We’re here every week at these times.

If those times aren’t great for you, schedule a personal call with a team member by clicking here.

How Does this Call Help Me?

If you’re a customer dealing with a tricky question or issue that would be easier to talk out or show your screen to explain, this call is perfect.

If you’re not sure if Memberium is right for you and have some questions, we’ll answer them honestly even if it means sending you to a different solution that may be better for your particular situation.

If you’re a Memberium partner and want help with one of your customers or want to discuss partnership opportunities, this call is great for you, too.

How Does the Call Work?

Depending on the number of people, we share the time to make sure everyone gets their question answered.

Please be aware that we may un-mute you during the call so you can ask your question, be ready with what you want to ask as well as any links or logins that might be needed to help you.

The call is scheduled for 30 minutes and we will try to answer all questions within that time. If more time is needed, we may be able to book a separate call with you after.

There’s a 6 minute time limit for each question and we’ll let each person ask 1 question each round, we might do several rounds if there is time so please be courteous to others.

Where is the Call?

Live on Zoom! Register by clicking the button below then get ready to join.