Memberium Has Come to ActiveCampaign!

Congratulations on your BabySince it’s birth, Memberium has been only for Infusionsoft users. This focus made it the best membership system for Infusionsoft users (as rated by the biggest internet marketers & Infusionsoft experts).

Now, we’re expanding…but just a little.

We’re intentionally NOT trying to integrate to every CRM out there, we’re intentionally NOT going to mix the ActiveCampaign integration with the Infusionsoft integration.

Infusionsoft users will still get the super-light-weight experience they are used to, it won’t be changed at all by this.

For ActiveCampaign we’re providing a separate version of Memberium that’s as deep into ActiveCampaign as Memberium currently is into Infusionsoft.

This decision didn’t come about lightly, we love Infusionsoft and don’t see ActiveCampaign as a competitor but a different solution for people who aren’t ready for Infusionsoft yet.

ActiveCampaign is more focused on campaigns and doesn’t include e-Commerce and Referral Partner functionality so they are essentially different.

This has been in the works for several months but has been kept a secret until recently.

2017 Update
Memberium for ActiveCampaign has LAUNCHED

Click Here to Visit the Memberium for ActiveCampaign Site

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