Memberium Feature Roundup August 2023

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New Feature Roundup Video

Note that not all of the features mentioned in the video have been fully released yet. Some are still being QA tested and will be released in the near future. If you’re not seeing a feature on your site, make sure you’re on the version listed below.

If you have an idea for a new feature, contact Memberium support so we can create a feature request.

New Feature Version Information

M4IS Already Released:
-Updated Sync Options Page

M4IS 2.208 (being QA tested):
-reCAPTCHA v2 Support

M4AC Already Released:
-Random Username Feature
-Membership Actions in WP User Editor

M4AC 1.195 (being QA tested):
-reCAPTCHA v2 Support for [memb_registration_form]
-User Switching Plugin Integration
-child_tag_id parameter for [memb_groupaccount_enroll_child]


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