Episode 16: Simple Sales Advice for Membership Site Owners With Master Marketing Strategist Dave Dee

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​In this episode, Micah interviews internet marketing legend, Dave Dee. Dave shares his incredible story of how he went from being a struggling magician, to becoming one of the world’s most sought after marketers and head of marketing for GKIC. He credits this transformation to one big shift in his thinking.

In this interview, Dave explains how membership site owners can use that same type of mind-shift to transform their business for the better. This isn’t focused on certain tricks or gimmicky sales tactics for membership sites. Dave shares his best (and proven) sales advice that any membership site owner will be able to take advantage of.

To learn more from Dave and get his free training course titled “Sell More Of Your Products Or Services In A Day Than You Now Do All Year” visit his website: https://www.davedee.com

Show ​Notes & Links

  • ​Learn how marketing legend Dave Dee thinks and how to apply the same type of mindset to your own business.
  • ​Dave talks about why it’s important to all of your content entertaining and how this also applies to your membership site content. To put it simply, you have to be entertaining to get your members to want to stick with you.
  • At the end of this episode, Dave shares a crucial mind-shift that all membership site owners should consider taking if they want to be more successful.
  • To see what Memberium can do for you, check out our demo here

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9 ways to add more value to your membership site

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