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ActiveCampaign is a popular marketing automation software that helps you engage with your audience. ActiveCampaign offers a variety of features to accommodate the needs of businesses in different stages of development. These features come with different pricing plans. Additionally, each plan charges a different price based on the number of contacts you have in your ActiveCampaign CRM.

Considering the vital role of a CRM for a membership site or an online course, it’s crucial that you choose the correct plan. In this article, I’ll help you choose the correct ActiveCampaign plan for your membership site by comparing and discussing each one of them.

What Plans ActiveCampaign Offers?

Currently, ActiveCampaign offers 4 different plans as listed below:

· ActiveCampaign Lite

· ActiveCampaign Plus

· ActiveCampaign Professional

· ActiveCampaign Enterprise

Before I go ahead and discuss each plan in detail, you’d want to have a look at this comparison chart of main features for a quick overview.

Also, the below table compares the additional features or integrations for you.

ActiveCampaign Lite:

ActiveCampaign Lite is the lowest plan that ActiveCampaign offers. This plan is best suitable for startups who are still building their audience and just beginning with marketing automation and email marketing.

Even this most basic plan of ActiveCampaign includes powerful email marketing and marketing automation features. I may not list every single feature of ActiveCampaign but let’s have a look at some of the most important features:


Segmentation is probably the most important factor in email marketing. The success of your email marketing efforts depends on how well you segment your contacts to send them relevant, personalized, and targeted marketing messages.

ActiveCampaign allows you to segment your contacts with Lists, Tags, and Custom Fields. The list is the broadest method of segmentation while the custom field is the most targeted. You can display conditional content in your email by segmenting users with tags.

The tags will also help you give access to the users on your Memberium membership site.


Automation is one of the core features of ActiveCampaign. Automation is a powerful tool that helps you automate communication with the user in multiple ways.

You can create different automations to communicate with different types of users. One of the most common automations is a Welcome Automation. You can trigger this automation when a user purchases your product. If you need to create a username and password for your membership site or online program, you can use Memberium and send the login details in an email.

You can segment the user further by assigning tags based on their actions and track their progress by setting achievement goals.

Similarly, for leads, you can set up multiple marketing automations to send targeted emails based on how they’re segmented, at regular intervals or based on their actions to nurture them. With ActiveCampaign automations the possibilities are endless, you can use the automations in many different ways.

Drag and Drop Email Designer:

ActiveCampaign offers a beautiful drag and drop email designer that allows you to build attractive emails for your subscribers. You can design mobile friendly emails visually however you want with the ease of drag and drop design blocks.

The ability to display dynamic content based on tags in your email is a game changer. There are several other cool features such as auto resizing images, ability to edit on mobile etc. You can also choose pre build email design from their library.

Social Media Integration:

ActiveCampaign integrates with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is a powerful platform for capturing new leads. You can embed an opt-in form on your Facebook page. With the help of Zapier integration, you can also post your campaign automatically on Facebook and Twitter.

Site Tracking:

ActiveCampaign enables you to measure essential actions that a user takes on your site, such as visiting or not visiting a particular page, visiting or not visiting a certain page or entire site x number of times, and so on. The purpose of site tracking is to segment users based on their behavior on your site and send more specific marketing messages.

For example, if a user has visited your free ebook page but hasn’t downloaded the ebook, you can trigger a campaign that sends an email with a direct download link and encourage the user to download the ebook.

What’s NOT Included in ActiveCampaign Lite Compared to ActiveCampaign Plus Plan

ActiveCampaign Lite has many useful features for email marketing. Basically, the ActiveCampaign Lite plan helps you segment your contacts and automate your email marketing. However, ActiveCampaign is much more powerful than that.

However, if you’re aiming to scale your sales and move from a small enterprise to a mid-sized company, you’d want to automate and optimize your sales processes. ActiveCampaign has features like Build in CRM, Lead Scoring, Facebook Custom Audience Integrations etc which are major missing in the ActiveCampaign Lite plan.

We’ll discuss these features in detail in the below section.

ActiveCampaign Plus:

If you’re a mid-sized company with a small sales team, chances are you’ll be looking for ways to streamline your sales processes and finding ways to reach a larger audience. ActiveCampaign Plus plan helps you do just that.

ActiveCampaign Plus plan includes all the features for ActiveCampaign Lite plan but has many other useful features which make it more than just an email marketing software. We will discuss some of the most important features in detail below:

Build In CRM

ActiveCampain’s CRM or deals feature is a set of multiple capabilities that take care of a contact’s journey from becoming a lead to a paying customer and beyond. ActiveCampaign creates leads automatically based on the form submission or email response.

The leads can be distributed automatically to your team members. From here the lead moves automatically from one stage to another and a task is also created by ActiveCampaign for your team to complete as the lead switches the stage.

ActiveCampaign also emails the lead if it cools down to warm it up again. In short, ActiveCampaign takes care of a user right from the lead generation to conversion, store all the data about the user one place and display it in visually in a way that it makes sense and help you take necessary actions.


By default, ActiveCampaign includes its own logo on forms. Depending on your plan you can remove the ActiveCampaign branding. If you’re on ActiveCampaign Plus or a higher plan you can remove the ActiveCampaign logo from the forms.

Facebook Custom Audience Integration

ActiveCampaign helps you reach unengaged customers through Facebook using Facebook Custom Audience Integration. You can direct any list or group of people that you have used in automation, to a specific Facebook ad.

This way you can target the unengaged audience. Also, you can display ads for upselling or cross selling to the existing users.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is simply a number that reflects if the lead is hot or cold based on their engagement. You can set up action based rules to define lead score. This simple number will help you identify where you need to focus.

You can decide how you want to assign or curtail the lead scoring points based on actions such as someone opens or doesn’t open the email or visit a website within a certain period etc. You can also trigger automation when the user’s lead score changes.


Another useful feature that is excluded from the ActiveCampaign Lite plan is the ability to send SMS to the users. Though compared to an email, SMS has many limitations but you can use them effectively for sending appointment reminders, zoom links, welcome messages, etc.

You can also use an SMS to optin a user to your mailing list. Also, you can use SMS in your automation. For example, you can set up an automation to send a reminder SMS on certain days of the week to your customers based on when they’ve their online class or live webinar.

E-Commerce or Deep Data Integration

If you’re using Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or SquareSpace, you can use ActiveCampaign’s deep data integration. Deep data integration gives you the ability to pull over a lot of useful data from the above mentioned e-commerce platform. This data can be used for segmentation, upsell, or cross sell.

What’s NOT Included in ActiveCampaign Plus Compared to ActiveCampaign Professional Plan

ActiveCampaign Plus plan has features like marketing automations and sales automation but it still lacks advanced marketing features such as Site Messaging and Attribution. The ActiveCampaign Plus plan also doesn’t include machine learning features such as Predictive Content, Predictive Sending, Attribution, and Split Automation.

In the next section, I’ll cover these features to give you an idea of what you can do with them.

ActiveCampaign Professional:

ActiveCampaign Professional plan is suitable for established businesses with a bigger sales team. This plan gives you an edge by further personalizing and optimizing your marketing efforts to get better results.

The ActiveCampaign Professional plan includes all the features from ActiveCampaign Lite and ActiveCampaign Plus plans, plus there are additional advanced features which we will discuss below:

Site Messaging

ActiveCampaign’s Site Message feature gives you the ability to display a customized message with a personal touch based on the user’s interaction with your business, history on your website, or data you’ve collected like quiz results, custom fields, geographic location, and many others.

What makes ActiveCampaign’s site message feature more powerful is, you can trigger automation based on the user’s response to the site message. It enables you to make the right offer to the right person at the right time.

Predictive Content

Predictive Content is a part of ActiveCampaign’s Machine Learning. You can create multiple versions of copy for the selected audiences and based on ActiveCampaign’s Natural Language Processing model, ActiveCampaign sends the best message to the contact based on their past click data.

Predictive Content is more effective than segmentation and personalization. It helps improve engage0ment and conversion.

Predictive Sending

ActiveCampaign’s predictive sending feature helps you deliver email to each user when they’re most likely to open it. ActiveCampaign’s data model makes an appropriate recommendations based on the user’s historical data for opening emails.

The result will be increased engagement.


Attribution is one of the most robust features of ActiveCampaign. This feature basically enables you to identify what exactly users are doing before they take the desired action which you can define as conversion. The conversion could be anything like visiting a specific page, filling out a form, or purchasing a product.

ActiveCampaign will list all of the conversions that a user has achieved and which sources or touchpoints lead the user to reach the conversion within the contact record. You can segment users based on this data and also trigger automation.

Attribution is useful to identify the traffic sources and what is working for you in terms of marketing so you can focus more on the effective sources.

What’s NOT Included in ActiveCampaign Professional Compared to ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan

The ActiveCampaign Professional plan has almost all the powerful features of ActiveCampaign including Machine Learning. What’s not included is the ability to customize, such as Custom Mail Server Domain and Custom SMS Number.

ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan

ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan is for companies with large ever growing teams and has a heavy budget for email marketing. The ActiveCampaign Enterprise plan is all about sophistication, customization, and premium support.

The Enterprise Plan includes all the features that the previous 3 plans have, in addition to the below exclusive features:

Custom Mail Server Domain:

With Custom Mail Server Domain you can mask ActiveCampaign’s mail server domain with your own domain. With Inbox Prover’s growing reliance on domain reputation, it has become more important than ever before.

Let me explain how it affects you. All ActiveCampaign customers use ActiveCampaign’s shared domain by default, meaning you’re also at the mercy of this shared domain’s reputation. Though ActiveCampaign maintains high standards and ensures to send emails to the opt-in lists only, you may want full control regarding your sending reputation which you can achieve by customizing your mail server domain.

Custom SMS Number

If you’re on the ActiveCampaign Enterprise plan, you can select a number of your own choice to send SMS to your contacts.


ActiveCampaign is a robust platform with powerful features. With ActiveCampaign you can automate and optimize your email marketing and sales processes to achieve better results. While choosing your ActiveCampaign plan, you’d want to consider the size of your business, your email marketing budget, and which features you really need. Hope you’ll find this article useful in choosing the correct ActiveCampaign plan for your business.

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