3 Quick Tips to Get and Keep More Members for Your Site

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No matter what stage of building or running a membership site you’re at, GETTING more members and then KEEPING them longer is always a priority.

So, how do you do that?

Here are the 3 simple tips that should help…

#1 – Don’t leave a hole in the slide.

Let me explain, if your members are supposed to go from an ad or another traffic source, see your landing page, buy your program, go through your content, love it and interact in your community to stay a member forever – which part of that is the weakest?

Meaning, where are they falling off?

Most people think they need more members, but they don’t realize the members they have aren’t engaging with their content soon enough or long enough.

check where you're leaking members

Why? Because it’s boring or they are missing some small piece early in the process like a proper orientation or welcome for new members.

Go through your membership sign up process today yourself and see what happens. What would ‘turn you off’ as a new customer or lead?

Why wouldn’t you buy? Or, at which point do you start to doubt your purchasing decision after buying?

THAT is what you need to work on this week.

Quick Tip #2 – Don’t inhale.

When you create a product and do a good job, you’ll often receive praise from your members. That’s great, be thankful they are saying nice things to you or about you, BUT…

Don’t inhale that praise.

Don’t let it get to your head, the moment you do, you’re dead.

In the words of Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

(which means that you need to keep looking for new ideas and keep improving, don’t inhale and feel satisfied because someone else is hungrier than you and they’ll scoop your customers if you become complacent or pat yourself on the back too much)

In the words of Shunryu Suziki, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”

(which means that once you believe you are an expert, your mind closes to many possibilities and you don’t learn as much as a beginner)

Now, I’m obviously not saying you need to be clueless, you can be good at what you do, possibly the best at what you do, but be thankful for the praise you receive while staying humble enough to keep learning and trying new things.

Quick Tip #3 – Understand that people buy a membership and stay in that membership for 2 completely different reasons.

People usually buy a membership for the benefits that are marketed to them, “you’ll get smarter, you’ll get better, etc.”

But they ultimately stay for a different reason.

People stay in a membership for the 2 C’s.

active online community

Community & Curation.

COMMUNITY may be self-explanatory, but it’s really about the other people they can learn from besides you.

Sometimes your success or advice isn’t as relatable as seeing the success or hearing the advice from fellow members who are just like them.

Once you let them talk with each other and encourage each other through the learning and growing process they’ll be hooked because if they leave, they aren’t leaving you, they are leaving a successful community of friends who can help them out.

They don’t want to miss out on what the community is up to and be left behind.

(by the way, fear of being left out or missing out is a huge motivator so hit on this in your “stick sequence” the sequence that’s designed to make members stay members and keep paying you.)

CURATION, this can seem like a stuffy word, but the reality is that most of the information you teach is probably available from other people or in other places.

People are going to stay in your membership site and keep paying only if the quality, organization and experience of going through your content is better than what they can get anywhere else.

Taking the time to curate the knowledge you impart on an ongoing basis is important and even lifting some of the conversations out of your community and organizing them so people can more easily find them can be a huge value.

What I mean is that if there’s a discussion in your Facebook group or your forum about something, and all the members chime in and help one another, take the valuable insights or the lists of resources they are sharing with each other and put it next to your regular membership content on the subject, or at least provide links to the discussion from your regular content pages.

That way, when they go back to find that little piece of information they are looking for, they’ll be able to locate it easily instead of searching around in a Facebook group or forum.

That way your content and your organization becomes and then stays the authority on that subject.

Remember, people are buying based on your sales skills and what you promise them, but once they have bought, they are staying based on the value and experience they receive as well as your ability to continually re-sell them on staying.

So create a stick sequence if you haven’t already, start curating your content or assign someone to curate it for you.

Hope the 3 quick tips were helpful but they are just barely scratching the surface…

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