Bryce from PlusThis Shares Customer Acquisition Strategies You Can Use Today

In this interview, Micah talks to Bryce Christiansen, the head of PlusThis. They discuss various effective strategies for membership sites and course owners to acquire and retain customers.

Bryce shares his experience and insights as the marketing manager of PlusThis and how they have managed to maintain growth with so many changes to the market. Something we’ve all dealt with at one point of another. You’ll hear from him about how offering a free trial could be an effective strategy for membership site owners to attract new customers and his experience with that. He’ll also explain some retention strategies because there’s no point to get people in on a free trial if they don’t stick around to become paying members.

You’ll hear about a successful lead magnet that PlusThis developed called “Campaigns of the Titans” and how they were able to use it to target a niche audience. Just hearing about this may spark an idea for you to create something you haven’t thought of before that your target audience would really want.

Bryce and Micah also mention the “four day cash machine” campaign and how that works.

Lastly, you’ll get a better understanding of how PlusThis works as a tool. Helping with more nuanced things such as triggering actions when a video has been watched 60% or letting you embed countdown timers into your Keap emails. Of course, all of it works with Memberium and Keap out of the box.

If you want to learn more about PlusThis, click here.
And make sure to get access to Campaigns of the Titans here

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