The Power of Restructuring Your Site’s Content With MaryKay Morgan and Sam Bennett

In this episode of the Memberium Customer Spotlight Series, MaryKay Morgan, the founder of Convert More Consulting walks us through how she’s helped grow Sam Bennett’s membership site and restructured the many different programs inside of it over the past three years to generate some great results. 

If you’re a speaker, coach, or author MaryKay shares a ton of valuable advice that you can use to improve your membership site and grow your online courses throughout this video.

Sam Bennett is the creator of The Organized Artist Company, an organization dedicated to helping creative people get unstuck while helping them focus and move forward with their goals. 

Sam’s a well accomplished writer, speaker, teacher, creativity-productivity specialist and author of the bestselling, “Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day”, which Seth Godin described as “An instant classic, essential reading for anyone who wants to make a ruckus.”

In this video, you’ll get an inside look at how all of Sam’s content is structured inside of her membership site. MaryKay shares what’s helped make the biggest impact in helping them grow this site over the past three years. You’ll also get an inside look at how the site is designed to automatically deliver a “wow” experience for first time customers that helps turn more of them into loyal, repeat buyers and subscribers. 

Sam has more than a few courses and subscription program’s running inside of her Memberium site that MaryKay walks us through. 

A more accurate term to describe Sam’s site is a “portal” because it does so much more for Sam’s business that’s outside of your typical “membership program”. This site takes full advantage of Memberium’s unlimited offer stackability that allows Sam to sell multiple programs and course offers seamlessly all under the same site.

You’ll also get a look behind the scenes at how their WordPress site works. The main tools Sam’s site uses are Infusionsoft, Memberium, LearnDash, and Divi. Some other WordPress plugins they use are GravityForms and the Events Calendar plugin that are briefly covered.

There’s a ton of valuable advice shared that anyone who’s an author, coach or expert will enjoy throughout this video. 

Who’s MaryKay Morgan & ConvertMore Consulting?

MaryKay and her team at ConvertMore Consulting, have been helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and transform their businesses since 2008. 

MaryKay was the first official Memberium Certified Partner back in 2015 and has been a well-known partner in the Infusionsoft community over the years. She and her team are one of the agencies that know Memberium and Infusionsoft the best. Not only technically, but they’ve also mastered how to reliably help business owners achieve real results with their membership programs.

Throughout this episode MaryKay shares some of her best advice she’s learned over the years after working with so many business owners with their membership programs.  

MaryKay’s Top 5 Recommendations for Membership Site Owners 

  1. Build your Memberium site on its own WordPress install, separate from your marketing site.
  2. Create an exclusive Infusionsoft tag category for content access tags.
  3. Use Memebrium “membership levels” for subscription products only. Use single tags for one off products. 
  4. Create a checklist for troubleshooting.
  5. Run your program from your membership portal. Use short and lean emails to get people back your portal to deliver your info where you can create a much richer experience. 

If you’d like to learn more from MaryKay you can check out her site at to schedule a free strategy session to talk about your membership site or course. You can also check out her blog to get more tips and advice you can use to grow your business.

Other Important Lessons & Highlights Shared In This Video

  • Get an overview of how Sam’s marketing funnel is structured and find out what works best for them in terms of generating more sales. (6:02)
  • See how MaryKay designed Sam’s site to deliver an automated “wow” experience for first time customers. This great experience in turn helps turn more first time customers into loyal, repeat buyers and subscribers. (34:00)
  • Discover what helped make the biggest impact in growing Sam’s program over the past three years. Learn how it went from a “content dump” to a well structured and organized machine.   (38:12)

    One of the things MaryKay credits as helping the most with growing Sam’s program over the years is better organizing all the content within Sam’s site. As an accomplished expert and established business owner Sam had a huge amount of content that had built up over the years. When MaryKay first started working with Sam three years ago, the original site was like a “content dump”.

    People would join the membership, get access to a ton of content like you’d be drinking from a firehouse. The content was great, the problem was it wasn’t well organized or sequenced. There wasn’t any progression or things that came next after joining the program. It was just access to a huge volume of content.At that stage they took a step back and looked at how they could better organize and sequence all of Sam’s content. After they reorganized it, it made a number of huge improvements.If you want to figure out how to better structure your content, check out this exercise that can help you improve the flow of your content and better organize it.
  • See how LearnDash helps them keep all their content organized in the site and gives students a clear path to follow so they don’t get overwhelmed or lost in the massive amount of content available.
  • MaryKay shares some of the biggest mistakes they’ve made with Sam’s membership site over the years so you can avoid them. (48:27)
  • Learn why it’s essential to deliver all of your content through your membership portal and not try to send all of your info through emails. The lesson summarized is, send short emails that link people back to your portal to consume your content. This allows you to deliver a much richer experience on your portal that you can’t give your audience  through an email. (57:55)
  • Find out how adding a live coaching component to Sam’s Pro club has helped drive engagement and results for members. 
  • Get MaryKay’s top five recommendations for membership site owners. These are five important lessons she’s learned after working with so many Memberium sites over the past five years. (52:00)


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