Platinum Partner Introduction: Kyle Newton

Kyle Newton, one of Memerium’s Platinum Agency Partners, shares with you his strategy around combining the business and technical aspects of running a membership site. He has worked with top thought leaders and entrepreneurs such as John Assaraf from NeuroGym in helping them architect their entire business platform (you’ll get a look at that in the video).

His vision for membership sites is astonishingly clear because of his exposure to both huge enterprises and the startups. Kyle started out back in 2000 building websites with custom code. Kyle’s team eventually convinced him that the advanced functionality they were building that required 4 million lines of code could be replaced with WordPress.

In this video, you’ll learn invaluable lessons that will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours if you’re a startup and planning to scale. If you’re already an established business, Kyle has some surprising advice for you too in terms of creating business processes.

Here’s are some of the key points Kyle discusses throughout the video:

  • How you can and should use Memberium as the core system (within WordPress) to develop enterprise level platforms
  • How Kyle migrated enterprise level clients from complex custom coded systems to a more sustainable WordPress Ecosystem
  • The importance of understanding the BIG PICTURE vs just the technical aspect
  • An overview of the sophisticated community area created for ultimate influencer & entrepreneur, John Assaraf from NeuroGym

Learn more about Kyle and TribePUB by visiting their Certified Partner Listing.

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