How to Add a One Click Upsell with Infusionsoft to your Membership Site or Online Course

This video shows you how to add a 1-click upsell using Memberium and Infusionsoft to your WordPress site.

To add a 1-click upsell to your site, use the [memb_place_order] shortcode on the WordPress page you’d like to add it to and follow along through the above video instructions. When the upsell button is clicked, it create the purchase inside of Infusionsoft which will trigger your normal delivery campaigns to apply the membership level, send emails, etc.

Product Example:

[memb_place_order button_text='Buy Now for $297' order_title='$297 Upsell' product_ids=xx success_url='/congratulations/' failure_url='/credit-card-failed/']

Subscription Example:

[memb_place_order button_text='Subscribe for $50/year' order_title='Upgrade for $50/Year' subscription_ids=xx success_url='/congratulations/' failure_url='/credit-card-failed/']

As mentioned in the video, here’s instructions on how to enable users to update their credit card on your site.

What is an Infusionsoft one click upsell?

An Infusionsoft “one click upsell” is an upsell option that presents itself to your users based on where they’re at in your membership site or online course. This upsell could be offering an upgrade to membership status, a new course, or any material that you sell on your site. The placement and timing of one click upsells is vital to their functionality. Luckily with Memberium, we’ve made this really easy to do.

How does an Infusionsoft one click upsell work?

Imagine a customer has completed your website’s free course. As soon as they finish, a one click upsell option presents itself, offering them the option to purchase the next course. This creates an immediate and tangible connection in the customer’s head about what their money will get them. The purchase is straight-forward.

Creating Infusionsoft one click upsell options for your online course or membership site is very easy. You only need to use our simple one click upsell shortcode. In this video above, we’ll explain how you can set it up easily on your own site, step by step.

After someone purchases an upsell on your site with our shortcode, you can set it up to give them access immediately after a successful purchase, all without them having to log out and log back in to get access to the product they just purchased through the upsell. You can also trigger off emails from Infusionsoft that will show remind them how to get access to the upsell they just bought.

How to use Infusionsoft one click upsells with your membership site

So where should you place a one click upsell on your membership site? You don’t want to overdo it, or you’ll frustrate your users. Picking a few strategic locations is best. For example, upsell options work well when placed at the end of free content, when the user has reached the limit of what they can do at their current pay level. Another great place for one click upsells is on the purchase screen if you have multiple purchase options. Think of this like the “frequently bought together” option you see on Amazon.

Another tip is, you want to make it obvious that clicking the upsell button will charge their card immediately. Otherwise you might end up with a bunch of customer service requests from people who did’t actually mean to purchase the upsell.

Cross-sell offers

Cross-selling offers is another great use of one click upsells within your Memberium site. Suppose a customer has just purchased enrollment in an online course, this is the perfect time to offer an upsell that includes a related course. If you have any package deals to offer, now is the best time.

Cross-sell offers cut down on marketing efforts, and they can help you get the word out about purchases that are tricky to sell. Think about it, what’s the best way to advertise an advanced course about a topic? Simple. You offer it as an upsell to members or students who just completed a similar, relevant course.

Should you add a one click upsell to your membership site?

While Infusionsoft one click upsells are relatively easy to create, they are still a bit more involved than many of our other Memberium features. They will require a bit of shortcode to work. If you’ve never done this before, it may seem intimidating. The good news is it’s actually really easy. The video above will guide you through how to set it up for your site.

The question then becomes: is it worth it to invest your time and effort into creating one click upsells?

The short answer is yes. These upsells are here to save you time and to ensure you land all potential leads. A one click upsell removes all barriers between your customers and an upgraded purchase. Members can automatically upgrade their memberships and purchase additional offers whenever it is convenient for them. And it’s this convenience that really encapsulates the advantage of upsells.

Time has a big effect on the psychology of purchases. Making people wait only lessens their desire to buy something. Offering an upsell will help you gain purchases from customers who may otherwise have forgotten their desire for your services. When you factor in the sales they gain you, Infusionsoft one click upsells are a no-brainer.

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