Monthly Memberium Webinar: Video Marketing with DilogR & Memberium

In This Webinar You’ll Learn:

  • Best practices for engaging and segmenting prospects and customers with quizzes (including BUZZFEED style persona quizzes)
  • Best practices for effective video marketing campaigns.
  • How to create more engaging video content that actually gets through to your potential customers.
  • See customer case stories that are guaranteed to leave you with some great ideas for your own marketing.
  • How to use video effectively inside of your membership site.
  • How to add interactive content (quizzes, questions, branching, chaptering, etc.) to videos and dramatically improve audience engagement.
  • Questions answered live by Micah, David and Lance.
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9 ways to add more value to your membership site

Table of Contents

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But here’s one of the many things I learned: successful and effective membership sites are always growing, expanding, and evolving.

People love learning new things, and if a membership site fails to provide their needs, they leave and look for other solutions.

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