Monthly Memberium Webinar: Video Marketing with DilogR & Memberium

In This Webinar You’ll Learn:

  • Best practices for engaging and segmenting prospects and customers with quizzes (including BUZZFEED style persona quizzes)
  • Best practices for effective video marketing campaigns.
  • How to create more engaging video content that actually gets through to your potential customers.
  • See customer case stories that are guaranteed to leave you with some great ideas for your own marketing.
  • How to use video effectively inside of your membership site.
  • How to add interactive content (quizzes, questions, branching, chaptering, etc.) to videos and dramatically improve audience engagement.
  • Questions answered live by Micah, David and Lance.
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9 ways to add more value to your membership site

Table of Contents

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How to Create and Manage Users in Memberium

Unlike some membership systems, in Memberium users are primarily managed through Infusionsoft itself. This provides a consistent and clean way to manage your users that fully takes advantage of Infusionsoft’s marketing automation features. Access is determined by the tags that are applied to the user, allowing you to control the user experience with tools like Campaign Builder.

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Autologin First Login Page

Autologin First Login Page option can be useful when you want to redirect your newly registered users to a specific page – in case they are first logging in to the site using autologin link.

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