Memberium Is The Choice Membership Software Trusted By Top Infusionsoft Users

There’s a reason why elite Infusionsoft users and top Infusionsoft consultants build their membership sites with Memberium – it’s because the software is not only powerful & easy to use, but is also backed by experienced Infusionsoft experts who want to help you build a successful, profitable membership site.

“Simply put, Memberium Rocks! Easy to integrate with Infusionsoft with lots of possibilities. Being able to pick up the phone for support is key to me. We put into place for several WordPress sites and anything that may come up support-wise they are quick to respond, although it’s usually operator error, they are kind about it always.

Scalability makes it easy to grow with Memberium and Infusionsoft. I highly recommend Memberium!”

Terri Romine, CEO of Fusion Online Marketing

“My team and I have used SEVERAL membership platforms in the past and NOTHING can compare to features & functionality provided by Memberium. It is hands down my favorite Infusionsoft add-on.

I LOVE IT…. And, I highly recommend using Memberium to any Small Business Owner who wants to leverage their business and Infusionsoft success.”

Loral Langemeier – 5 Time New York Times Best Seller & Leading Infusonsoft Partner Live Out Loud

“We use Memberium when building all of our membership sites. Memberium is hands down the best membership plugin available for Infusionsoft.

The plugin can handle membership sites of any size and the security is impeccable. I recommend Memberium for ANY business owner wanting a safe, reliable, and profitable membership site.”

Ryan Deiss, CEO of Digital Marketer

“I’ve been doing membership sites with Infusionsoft for years and it’s always been incredibly important to our company to provide the best experience possible for our members.

Since switching to Memberium, our team has received better support and we’ve had less problems than ever before. They not only understand the technology, but also have a deep understanding of Infusionsoft and know how to put it all together for your benefit.

If you want to have the best software AND the best service behind your membership site, I’d highly recommend you check out Memberium.”

John Assaraf, Serial Entrepreneur & CEO of NeuroGym

“Over the years we’ve tried every different membership plugin, including Customerhub. We’re power users, and we found that all of them had their drawbacks. Well, until we moved over to Memberium…it works perfectly.

I’m a raving fan of Memberium, both the product and the support. David and his developers are the best in the business, and I’ve found that they really care about their customers success.”

Scott Pape, Barefoot Investor

“Memberium is amazing! We were looking for the best WP solution for Infusionsoft and we found it, the product has been easy to use and the support is nothing short of incredible.

We’re now recommending this to all of our clients after starting to use it ourselves. Thanks for all your help & a great plugin!”

The On The Fuze Team

“We are using Memberium on several client sites and have been very happy with the results. It works very nicely supporting some very robust membership sites. What’s been extremely impressive is how responsive the support team has been to our requests. They have actually added enhancements when we’ve requested ones that were on their roadmap.

This is a great products with some really good performance.”

Jorge Diaz, Founder of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing

“We are using Memberium for one of our clients and absolutely love it so far.

It integrates directly with WordPress so the membership site is completely flush with the company’s website design, look and feel. The Memberium team has been wonderful with quickly answering any questions and they are eager to help. The app allows you to implement so many strategies that can exponentially increase your membership sites revenue!”

Megan Harrison, Owner of Megan Harrison Consulting

“This plugin is awesome, the team are extremely helpful and responsive.

I can really feel how much they care about my success and the success my business.

The setup was simple and support was excellent.

I recommend Memberium to all my family and friends looking for a membership site solution.”

Daryl Urbanski, Founder of

“I think I own every membership plugin there is and have to say that I am incredibly happy with Memberium and their support.

One of the best support services I have come across online and certainly a very flexible and robust membership plugin.

After trying almost everything under the sun, I have to say that this is my selection for membership and content distribution.”

Boris Savransky

“We are using Memberium to transfer a membership site from imember360.

I am very impressed with the combination of easy learning curve and on boarding process, as well as the robust set of features that this application has.

Looking forward to driving significant traffic to our site and testing the scalability that the team has built into this system.”

John Cunningham, Fit Leaders Academy

“I work for a subscription based training company. Monthly/Annual subscriptions to restricted content is the sole source of our revenue for us so a rock-solid membership plugin is a must. We went through several other plugins before coming across Memberium.

We have signed up over 8,000 subscribers in the 7 months we have been using Memberium and I couldn’t be happier. Their product is reliable, their staff is quick to respond, and they are a pleasure to do business with. The only thing wrong with the product is the price point… It is easily worth 10 times what they charge.”

Don Pezet, Host of

“We use Memberium for two different membership sites and the level of support we’ve received from them is outstanding.

As an IT professional who has been in the industry for over 17 years, I would rank Memberium support as the BEST I’ve ever experienced.

They are quick to respond, tenacious in finding solutions, and very clear in their instructions. The application itself is solid and 99% of the support we’ve requested has to do with our very specific needs. I would recommend Memberium to any of my clients looking to integrate a WordPress membership site with Infusionsoft without hesitation.”

Rooze Garcia

“Working with Memberium to get our new products and programs off the ground has been a truly smooth experience.

The simplicity of its use and the power of the integration makes this a best of breed solution for membership platforms…and the support team has been nothing short of exceptional!”

Spencer Tyler, Optimal Wellness Labs

“Memberium, is a consistent, strong, and fortified membership plugin. That not only contains all the advanced features our business requires, but is also lightweight and not as resource intensive as many competitor’s plugins.

Our growing site required another solution that didn’t bloat our database or slow down the user experience under a heavy load. Memberium is a truly Set-it-And-Forget-It Solution.”

Kevin Clanton, Chief Executive Growth Hacker at Crisis Education LLC

“Memberium has been the perfect synergistic piece of the puzzle for connecting our company’s WordPress membership sites to Infusionsoft.

Not only has Memberium worked to seamlessly integrate with Infusionsoft and protect our content, but the support that Memberium provides has always been fast and solution based.

It’s refreshing to work with a company that is progressive in its pursuit to better themselves and at the same time listens to their customers needs. Thanks Memberium!”

Heath Waters, Founder of Brain Based Forehand

“The support at Memberium is world-class! Our website designer and I had all kinds of questions about the installation of not only Memberium but LearnDash as well. The response time from my support ticket was mere minutes… and Dave installed both of these for us. I also had some questions not directly related to the Memberium plug-in, and Dave graciously answered every one of them, ultimately saving me hours of time.

My experience thus far could not be any more favorable, and I’m recommending Memberium to all my colleagues currently using Customer Hub and iMember 360.

Oh yeah, one more thing… I switched from Customer Hub to Memberium ;-)”

Tom Bottorf, Co-Founder of

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