Discover How to Automatically Deliver Digital Products and Increase Repeat Purchases

Memberium for Infusionsoft and Keap can automatically deliver your eBooks, software, PDFs, and anything else that’s downloadable. Delivery of the digital goods can be arranged using a branded portal on your site that showcases your other products. 

How can you reduce support costs, improve customer satisfaction,
and potentially make more repeat buyers?

Watch the video below to find out… hint: with Memberium

What Types of Digital Downloads Can I Offer?

Audio Files
Anything Downloadable…
This list is not comprehensive since we’ve seen our customers offering too many different things to list here. Memberium doesn’t limit what kind of files you can offer for download.

What Problems Does Memberium Solve for Me?

  • Memberium saves you time by automatically delivering downloads after purchase.

  • Deliver eBooks, videos, online courses, PDF downloads, Word documents, and more…

  • You’ll be building your business on a platform that you own, with your branding, and control over how the entire portal looks.

  • Download links will only work one time (the customer can refresh the page to get a new download link and download again if needed). This prevents link sharing as a shared link would stop working after the first time it was used. Learn More

  • You’ll get other tools that can help limit and deter account login sharing. For example, prevent members from logging in from multiple locations at the same time.

  • Memberium can reduce support requests from customers asking where to download or re-download by providing your customers with a simple to use portal that contains all their past purchases with download links.

  • In the portal, you can offer new products and upsells to existing customers.

What Can My Digital Downloads Portal Look Like?

Your portal can look however you wish. The example sites below are real pages that were built with the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder. Through our partnership with, you can get access to these templates below for free.

You can install these same pages on your WordPress site with just a few clicks in under 2 minutes. Using the builder will save you a ton of time. The best part: no developer or coding skills needed.

That’s Not All Memberium Does…

Our secure download features are just icing on the cake when it comes to what Memberium can provide for your business. Memberium lets you create an online course or membership site that runs on autopilot. You won’t have to manually give people access or chase down failed payments, Memberium takes care of all that.

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