About Us

Our Purpose

We empower experts to bring knowledge to the world.

Our Core Values

We Own it
We proactively do all work with passion and ownership. We take responsibility for our actions; if something is broken, needs improvement or team need help, we action to meet the demand that comes our way.

We Genuinely Care
We treat our customer, team members and partners like we would our close friends and take the time to listen. We respect all those who we come in contact with.

We Innovate & Improve
We aim to constantly innovate and improve our team and customer experience. We do everything we can make things easier for customers.

We Learn Always
We know that we can’t always know everything. We value learning, growing and improving ourselves continuously.

We Win Together
We are unified as a team to help our customers achieve positive outcomes so they win and we can reach our goals.

We Lead With A Positive Attitude
We aim to lift those around us with positivity and optimism. We endure challenges with an abundant mindset and have confidence that we will make it through successfully.

The Team

Micah Mitchell

Founder / CEO

David Bullock

Co-Founder and Developer

Suraj Ramnani


Ben Denny

Marketing Director

Milosav Mirkovic

Testing Manager / Support Manager

Saqib Khan

Support / Documentations

Trinayan Chakraborty


Vincent Moyaki


Kimmy Liao


Piyush Singh


Azhar Saiyed


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