Serendipity leads WishList Member Plugin to be acquired by co-founder of Memberium…

Ever ran into someone you know at the airport?

What about on your same flight?

What about sitting in the seat next to you on your same flight?

Tracy Childers and I had bumped into each other at industry events and had been friendly but kept a little distance, maybe because we both have WordPress Membership Plugins that some would say are competitive.

That is until…

We ended up sharing an armrest on a flight by pure coincidence.

Yep. Sitting right next to your competition for a full flight.

What began as a semi-forced conversation ended up being a real friendship, we realized how much we had in common (software nerdiness being one thing), he’s a nice guy and we just plain got along.

We ended up going to lunch together or talking by phone many times over the years.

Fast forward to January 31st, 2022, we hadn’t talked in years…

I got a feeling to contact Tracy out of the blue and the odd thing was that his wife had just asked HIM to contact ME the previous day but I beat him to it.

ESP? Premonition? Maybe.

We talked and decided to look into the possibility of me buying his company so that he could enjoy the benefits of his hard work and so that my team and I could serve more membership site owners (our goal being to create 1,000 testimonials of happy membership site owners).

So we signed an NDA and talked more…

I flew out to Memphis where Tracy lives to talk more while walking from his home to the many amazing restaurants that are so close.

Sidenote: (Memphis has great food which I didn’t expect. I’d never been to Tennessee and didn’t realize Memphis is upriver from New Orleans and there’s a bit of a french flair mixed with bbq that you can’t get many places)

Ok, back on topic…

We ended up finalizing terms there in Memphis and drinking a little bit too much wine to celebrate (if that’s possible).

A few weeks later we signed the deal and I felt the burden of responsibility transfer to me while he felt the lightness of freedom start to lift him up.

We announced it to those closest to us and my team started on the internal work with the team at WishList with Tracy’s guidance (Tracy’s helping with the transition and with strategic partnerships for the next year).

The new management business is called Membershipper (all things membership) and it will be providing services to WishList Member, Memberium (the leader in Keap membership sites) and some upcoming products like the new LMS, “Course Cure” (see below).

For those using the WishList Member Plugin today, you can expect improvements in documentation, support response times and as always, more features and improvements added to the core product, the WishList Member Plugin.

We’re also introducing a new level called “WishList Member PRO” which will be given automatically to those who’ve purchased a lifetime license of the WishList Member Plugin at no additional cost and offered as an upgrade to new customers or those on the current non-lifetime WishList Member plans.

This new “PRO” level allows us to add features and support for power users without overloading, overpricing or overcomplicating the regular WishList Member Plugin.

PRO won’t be for everyone, but it will provide an option for the largest sites to take advantage of our deep set of features at full scale.

You’ll also be very excited to hear that what was formerly WishList Add-ons, a collection of features like courses, quizzes, points and badges, will be turned into a completely separate learning management plugin called “Course Cure” (as in, the “cure for the common course”, corny but fun)

The transition will happen over the next few weeks so anyone using WishList add-ons will still be supported and allowed to switch to CourseCure at no additional charge when it becomes available.

The purpose of this change from “WishList Add-ons” to “Course Cure” is to give the CourseCure plugin the full power it needs to integrate with any WordPress membership system (not just WishList) and develop it’s own feature set to support power users and power use cases within learning management.

We’ve combined wonderful people from both teams into a new SUPER-team under the “Membershipper” brand which will provide jobs for everyone who had been employed by WishList Member when the assets were purchased.

The WishList Member team is incredibly talented and I’m grateful to be working with them.

There are other plans but for now that’s all we’re going to share : )

Please let us know if you need anything or have any questions, we’re here to help and look forward to improving things over the next weeks and months as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading!

Micah Mitchell
CEO of Membershipper, managing
Memberium, WishList Member & CourseCure

Read Tracy’s announcement here

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