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Why Your Members Cancel and How to Improve Retention

Thursday, June 23, 2016 @ 10:00 AM Pacific / 1:00 PM Eastern



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In This Webinar You’ll…

  • Find out the 4 most common reasons why your members will want to cancel their membership and how to “save” these types of cancellations.
  • Learn how Bernardo reduced his membership site cancellations by 43% and “saved the sale” with this one simple technique anyone can follow.
  • Develop Membership Site “ESP” – so you can read your members’ minds – once we reveal the most frequently asked customer service questions your members are about to ask – and how you can empower your team to handle them with ease.
  • How to automate your customer service and help desk with Infusionsoft and turn your customer service department into an untapped profit center for your business.
  • “Ask ’em anything” LIVE Q&A session with Micah and Jeremy.


Webinar Presented By


Micah Mitchell
Memberium Co-Founder

Over the past 10 years using Infusionsoft for his own businesses, Micah has also consulted with hundreds of Infusionsoft users personally and helped thousands through products and services.

He’s worked with several ultimate marketers, trained leading Infusionsoft partners and led high-end Infusionsoft masterminds.

Jeremy Shapiro Infusionsoft

Jeremy Shapiro
Entrepreneur, Advisor and Business Consultant

A serial entrepreneur and tech-industry veteran, Jeremy Shapiro founded and created FuseDesk in 2009 after looking for, and not finding a help desk solution that met his needs for Infusionsoft.

Jeremy is a leading expert in the infusionsoft industry, has published multiple profitable third party integrations for Infusionsoft, and consults with some of the top information marketing companies and Infusionsoft customers worldwide. He is also an avid road cyclist, mountaineer, and climber.



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