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The Most Efficient Way To Build Your Membership Site or Course With...

Memberium is built to work directly with the following CRM systems so you can run an automated course or membership that will be able to grow, thrive and operate on it’s own.

What Can You Do With Memberium?

Memberium gives you the power, control and flexibility to build a successful membership site or course that’s fully automated. Memberium makes it easy to build a simple membership site. It also comes with the power and flexibility that will be able to keep up with you as your business grows and needs change.

Build Your Membership Site The Way You Want Without Being Held Back

Whether you want to build a super simple membership site, or a powerful membership site used 10,000+ members everyday, Memberium will allow you to easily turn your WordPress site into the type of site that you need for your business.

You can create an unlimited number of membership levels, sell an unlimited number of offers, serve an unlimited number of members, offer tiered membership levels, allow members to self manage their own accounts & much more…

Create Online Courses That Will Be Able to Grow, Thrive & Operate On Their Own

Memberium allows you to sell an unlimited number of online courses and any type of digital product on complete auto-pilot. You can sell an unlimited number of paid online courses, offer a library of paid digital products for sale,  include different products together as bundled offers and be able to create free online courses. All within the same WordPress site!

Selling this many type of offers can be a nightmare on other membership platforms or just isn’t possible. Memberium has the power and flexibility that allows you to sell and fulfill an unlimited number of offers packaged the way that you want.

Built Exclusively for WordPress and Keap™ So Your Site Can Run Itself on Autopilot

Most membership platforms don’t work that well with Keap (formerly Infusionsoft). This leaves you (or your team) having to do a ton of stuff manually to keep your site going and your members happy. Memberium was built to solve this type of problem from day one.

Memberium allows you to connect Keap’s powerful automation tools to your WordPress site so you can automate your site.

This allows you to create a site that can grow, thrive and operate on it’s own, all while creating a great experience for your members that you have full control over.

Built for Speed, Scalability & Performance. Just a Few Reasons Why Memberium Is Trusted by Some of The World’s Top Marketers

Memberium isn’t like other “All-In-One” membership platforms that take a kitchen sink approach to how they’re built. These are ones that say ‘they can help you do almost everything’…

These “All-In-One” platforms will end up leaving your site slow, bloated and limited with what you can do with them.

Memberium was designed from the ground up for performance, speed and scalability. You can run a fast membership site that you have full control over and be able to depend on.

This is why Memberium is used and trusted by some of the world’s top marketers.

Have Full Control & Full Ownership Over Your Site Without Being Held Back by Restrictive Membership Platforms

Don’t be limited by a one size fits all, SAAS hosted membership solution that’s built for beginners. Choosing the wrong membership plugin that isn’t designed to work with Keap (Infusionsoft) can hold you back and severely limit what you can automate with your business. 

Not having the flexibility to change and update your site the way that you want as your business grows can end up being a huge opportunity cost for your business. Over the long term this can end up holding back your business from growing.

Dedicated, 5-Star Support That's Here to Help Whenever You Need It

Our dedicated support team is available to help you out 7 days a week. There’s tons of easy to follow documentation and video tutorials to help you do whatever you want with your membership site. If you ever get stuck or have a question, we’re here to help you.

There’s a reason why we’re ranked number one in the Keap marketplace by a huge margin. It’s because we’re dedicated to helping you start and grow your own successful membership site.

What Other Keap (Infusionsoft) Users Have to Say About Memberium

Find Out Why Memberium is the Web’s Most Powerful Plugin for Connecting Keap & WordPress

See How Other Successful Business Owners Use Memberium to Power Their Course or Membership Site

Get an inside look at how they use Memberium to run a successful membership site and discover how you can too…

Ready to Start Building the Successful Membership Site or Course You’ve Always Wanted?

Memberium is here to help you do that. We’re here to help you share your knowledge with the world. We’re here to give you the freedom that you’ve always wanted from having a successful online training program. Here’s just a few of the ways Memberium can help you accomplish that…

Save Time & Get Your Site Built Quickly

Use The Membership Site Builder to Build Your Site Instantly and Pick From a Library of Pre-Built Sites

To help get your site launched quickly, we give you access to the Membership Site Builder. This gives you access to a small (growing) library of pre-built membership sites and courses that you can pick from to build your site with. All you need to do is pick the site you want and then you’ll be to import it instantly using the Membership Site Builder. This can help save you a ton of time in getting your site launched.

Easy to Follow Tutorial Videos & How-to Articles

Tons of Easy to Follow Articles & Video Tutorials That Will Guide You Through Building Your Membership Site or Course Step by Step

Memberium has easy to watch videos that will guide you through building your site and show you how to get it up and running from start to finish. Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed “web expert”. On top of that, we have tons of other documentation and video tutorials that will show you how to get the most out of Memberium and help you improve your site over time.

Take Your Site to the Next Level

Proven Membership Tips & Advice to Help You Grow Your Membership Site or Online Course

We’re not just here to sell you a plugin. We’re here to help guide you through the process of growing your membership site. After working with leading Infusionsoft users, top internet marketers and thousands of membership site owners over the years, we know what it takes to make a membership site successful. We share some of our best tips and advice openly with all our customers and subscribers.

5 Star Customer Support

Dedicated Support Available to Help When You Need It

You can think of our support team as an extension of your own team. We provide dedicated support, from people who are happy to help you with your site. We’re here to help you share your knowledge with the world. You’re never forced to figure anything out on your own. We have a team of live support representatives standing by to help. We pride ourselves in our extremely short support response times.

Help That Feels Like An Extension of Your Own Team

Get In Person Help With Your Membership Site During Office Hours Twice Per Week

Want to get 1-on-1 help with your site over a zoom call? Or maybe you want to try to do something with your site and need help figuring out how to do it? Have any questions before you buy Memberium that you want to ask?

Attend our office hour calls, held twice every week, to get answers for any of your questions, anytime. Even if you’re not a customer, you’re welcome to come and ask any of your questions live and in person.

Memberium Certified Partners

Want a Real Professional to Build Your Site for You? Hire a Certified Memberium Partner To Take Care of Everything

Too busy to build your own site? Want to hire a qualified professional to build your site for you? Our Certified Memberium Partners are the best available who can to build your membership site with Memberium.

Each partner is thoroughly trained, trusted and proven themselves as reliable marketers who can build successful membership sites with Memberium and create effective marketing campaigns with  Keap.

Memberium Comes With Built-In Integrations That Help Connect Keap or ActiveCampaign to All Your Favorite WordPress Plugins

Connect Keap With Your WordPress Site to Easily Start Building Your Own Automated Membership Site or Course

Easily turn any normal WordPress site into a fully automated membership site that's connected to Keap (formerly Infusionsoft).

Memberium allows you to take advantage of Keap's automation power within your WordPress site and create a membership site or course that will be able to grow, thrive and operate on it's own!


At Memberium we don't just care about selling software.
We care about helping you grow your business.

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Want to see more videos like this one that will show you more about how Memberium works and see a live demo “membership site” that’s built with Memberium?

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