How to Easily Create a Course Page using Memberium’s Free Page Templates

If you don’t already have the page templates installed on your site, click here, to have support install them for you.

Memberium provides a free Elementor page template for your individual course pages. This video will show you exactly how to utilize this free template to create the perfect page for your site so that your program can get started quickly.

After this video, you will be able to link your lessons, customize your layout and publish the completed course page. We will also show you how to protect your course main page using Infusionsoft tags.

If you don’t have the Elementor templates installed, click this link to have our support team install them for you.

These page templates are critical in saving you time so you can get your membership site up and running incredibly quickly. You can customize the template with fonts, colors and logos that match your brand. Multipurpose areas of the template such as the sidebar can be integrated with progress bars, more information or custom links.

Cloning posts

This walkthrough requires that you have a plugin which allows you to clone posts so that you do not edit your course page templates directly. You can choose to utilize the plugin shown in the video, or a different plugin if you have one. We’ll show you how to search for appropriate plugins directly within WordPress.

Your lesson menu

You will also learn how to create a dynamic menu of available lessons that will automatically link with your course homepage. You can set up custom links to your own content or to external content. When you make updates to this menu, those changes will automatically be reflected on your course homepage, without any manual input from you.

If you’d like to browse through all the template options provided by Memberium, you can check them out here.

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