Fundamentals in Digital Marketing for 2022

Understanding Your Audience

One of the biggest things that most people running online businesses miss is defining their target audience. Some say you should build products for a specific audience and others say you should find an audience for what you want to build.

Either way, knowing who you are trying to target is half the battle.

Ross explains some examples and ways to do this in the full video above, but to summarize and add a few points…

  • Know who it is you are trying to target
  • Understand their problems and fears first, then offer a solution
  • Only sell to people who actually need your services or offerings

In actuality, doing this can be difficult when you’re just starting out. Here is my recommendation. If you have ANY existing paid customers/members, do research on them to find out their demographics but more importantly their psychographics. You need to know what they are all thinking, feeling, wanting, and fearing. Tailor your marketing communications to target those people.

If you don’t have any existing paid customers, you will have to guess as to some of these things. You need to come up with a buyer persona not based on actual data but based on what you think or know about your market. Then, when you get actual paid members, update your buyer personas to make sure it matches your paid members.

A useful resource I often use to map out buyer personas can be found here: Digital Marketer Customer Avatar Worksheet

Realizing Friction Points

The next thing Ross discusses is friction points. Why people don’t convert or purchase and what you can do to improve those stats.

We talked about two main things in the video. First, making sure you have a relationship with the prospect before asking for the credit card, and second, having social proof to show prospects that you’re reputable minimizes risk.

Building a Relationship with Your Buyer

Building relationships is hard. No question. But as a digital marketer or business owner (probably both), you need to learn how to do it.

All of this depends highly on your brand and the tone/voice you want to have. Many times a relationship with a buyer can be built from emails that are funny, value emails, social media posts, videos, podcasts, etc.

Almost always you can build a relationship with people via the content you’re creating. And if you’re not creating any content, now is the time to start.

Social Proof

Social proof is usually defined by things like testimonials, reviews, and endorsements. You 100% need to sprinkle these into your sales pages if you want to convert people into paid members/buyers.

Nowadays people are more skeptical of reviews and testimonials. Especially ones that look like you could have just typed it yourself. That’s why I recommended a tool called VideoAsk that lets you easily collect video testimonials from your current members.

You can then embed these videos on your website and sales pages for others to see.

Not only does the video seem more legit than just text, it also has more power to sway since it’s another real person talking. Sometimes we can disassociate written reviews with actual people.

Another tool that can do this is Bonjoro

How a Funnel Should Look

The graphic below is a basic funnel overview. As you start to map out your membership site’s funnel, you don’t need to have something extremely complex. Start basic like the one below.

The top of the funnel includes things that generate awareness and traffic. Earned media, appearing on someone’s podcast, influencer marketing, SEO, paid advertising, etc.

The middle of the funnel includes your offer pages, free trials, demo calls, and as Ross explains in the video if you don’t require a credit card at this point, the conversion rates will usually increase. It all depends on your business, but in general, when asking for a CC your conversions will drop as there is more perceived risk involved for the buyer.

Lastly, the bottom of the funnel includes ongoing marketing efforts for prospects your know are your target buyer. SMS marketing, email marketing, etc. For this, we use and recommend Keap and ActiveCampaign. They allow you to build out automated sequences that run on autopilot after they’ve been set up. 

Retaining Members & Clients

One of the last things we talked about before we did a small Q&A was how to improve retention.

The points Ross shared were:

  • Build relationships
  • Communicate often
  • Emails & SMS
  • Keep members updated

A Memberium for ActiveCampaign customer, AuthorityHacker, recently shared with us a strategy they used that falls right in line with the above points.

They sell their course for a one-time fee which grants lifetime access to the course including all updates. Anytime they go and update a video or lesson, they add that to an ‘updates’ page and when the updates start to build up, they send an email out to all their students letting them know what has been updated so they can be aware of the latest training and changes.

The other thing they had told us was they used a personalized video service called Bonjoro to send personalized welcome videos to everyone who purchased. This helps cultivate that relationship aspect that Ross is talking about.

There are a lot of pieces to customer retention and there’s no way we could cover them all here, but hopefully, it gives you some ideas.


To learn more about Ross and DigitalMe, visit his website and social media channels. If you’re looking for Memberium implementation, Ross is a Certified Memberium Partner who knows his stuff.

We will be releasing a video walkthrough of a site he recently built with Memberium soon. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to get that.

Important Lessons & Highlights Shared In This Video

[00:01:51] – Understanding your Audience

[00:03:50] – Realizing Friction Points, Personalizations and Credibility

[00:06:23] – How the Funnel Works

[00:10:16] – How Memberium helps in converting leads through drip feeding

[00:12:45] – Retaining Clients

[00:17:03] – Recommendation for someone just started their Membership sites

[00:19:23] – How to capture leads and Build your email list.

[00:22:23] – Targeting and Automations



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