Digital Marketer Case Study Summary

If you missed the Digital Marketer case study video series, here’s an executive summary you would definitely want to watch. This video summarizes the highlights and key points from the Digital Marketer case study.

In this video, Richard Lindner and Taylor Nelson from Digital Marketer and will walk us through their two different membership sites that use a very similar tech stack and serve different audiences, with high-end membership levels on one side and a ton of valuable content membership levels on the other.

In this case study, you will also learn more about the various Scalable frameworks that assist entrepreneurs in determining which initiatives to prioritize to grow their business and keep their team on track. Drive clarity and alignment with, understand how to properly scale, evaluate your business, and compare with team members.

Learn more about the overarching marketing strategies, tools, and templates that Digital Marketer provides, get a behind-the-scenes look at how they use Memberium, as well as other plugins, and how things are set up.

This, as well as more in-depth knowledge of how to leverage Memberium functions and scale your site using the tech stack Digital Marketer employs.

Take your membership site to the next level. If you are currently running a membership site or plan to run one, you wouldn’t want to miss this summarized video. Of course, we’ll prefer if you were to watch the whole video series but we understand.


This Digital Marketer Case Study Summary covers the following topics:


  1. The path from not knowing anything about digital marketing to becoming industry-leading experts.
  2. Course cultures and how communities factor into coursework.
  3. Memberium Umbrella accounts and how are they used.
  4. How works, their unique customer acquisition strategy, and the difference with the digital marketer website.
  5. Learn what is Scalability Score.
  6. Transferring your personal brand to become even more valuable.
  7. Cohort Concept.


Important Lessons & Highlights Covered In This Case Study


The path from not knowing anything about digital marketing to becoming a paid member

Digital Marketer teaches consumers through their Customer Value Journey, going from unaware to aware to engaged. Their content-first strategy leads the acquisition funnel.

The company focuses on attracting new customers by using social media, blog posts, and advertising through paid channels to generate customer interest in their services.

Community’s role in the course environment

The secret sauce with the community has been figuring out where your people already are. For example, Facebook is popular among the Digital Marketer audience and that’s why they advertise and build their community on Facebook

On Scalable, Founder and Executives are communicating on daily basis. This is why they prefer Slack group for Scalable rather than Facebook.

Umbrella Accounts and how they are being used

Digital Marketer are using the Umbrella Account feature in their Elite program. They have an elite parent tag that gives access to five seats/accounts to the users. They further explain how easy it is to create child users through Memberium.

 Is Scalable a spinoff of Digital Marketer, or does it have its own customer acquisition system?

Richard Linder explains how‘s acquisition system is unique and distinct from Digital Marketer. Scalable is heavy on assessments and less on the coming in on specific lead magnets, buy something small and ascend rather, it’s more on assessment to consult.

 Scalability Score and who has access to it

Scalable has organized its tools based on scale constraints. If clarity or demands are an issue, users can come in here and say, “This is an issue, what should I do?” And the technology will begin to sort and say things like, “Hey, if you’re struggling with clarity, here are some tools and training”

They are also big fans of frameworks and believe in the clarity compass. If users are struggling with clarity, the clarity compass is the best option. It’s their alignment tool which ensures that everyone understands their mission, strategic anchors, core values, and 12Q or three-year target

 Incorporating Personal Brand into your Membership website

Richard explains the concept of Transferable Value, and how the architecture of a brand involves a great deal of intentionality. When they build new brands, they first build the framework, according to your character diamond. 

They start with a methodology – “What is the thing that everyone who is a brand ambassador, whether they have equity, a partner, or a founder, can point back to?” That is what allows them to build a brand.

Cohort Concept

Richard shared some insights on Cohort training and how they develop asynchronous training and have moderators lead cohort-based classes.

He further explains that they have cohort-based courses, which can simply duplicate their on-demand training, change the delivery mechanism, and ensure that the person receiving all of the feedback is also the person leading that cohort using these groups.

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