7. Creating Your Infusionsoft Campaign

In this video, we’ll walk you through setting up your Infusionsoft campaign to deliver your membership automatically.

This video will cover this topic in four main sections:

  • Explaining different options for setting up your campaign
    There are many different ways to start an Infusionsoft campaign. We will go over briefly all the Infusionsoft goals that can trigger a campaign, and we’ll go into the most detail on how to start a campaign after a user makes a membership purchase.
  • How to automatically apply membership
    This video will give you detailed instructions on connecting goals and sequences to make sure the user gets appropriate Infusionsoft tags for the membership content access he has purchased.
  • How to generate passwords
    You will learn how to generate passwords within a sequence so that new members will get a unique password sent to them after signing up. All necessary links are pre-generated for you by Memberium, and this video will show you where to find this information.
  • Testing your campaign
    This video will guide you through setting up a test user to make sure that everything in your automation process goes smoothly. In learning to create this test user, you will also learn how to navigate user contact records where you can view payments status, Infusionsoft tags and more.

By using a test account, you can make sure your campaign sends out a welcome email with login information. This welcome email will also allow users to log in for the first time through an autologin link with a single click.

After you have learned how to create your Infusionsoft campaign and test its functionality with test users, you’ll be ready to get your Memberium membership site off the ground.

In the next video, we’ll cover how to allow your members to self-cancel with Memberium.

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