6. Site Navigation

This video will focus on helping you set up the navigation menus on your Memberium membership site. This refers to the dynamic menu that allows users to select options like logging in, logging out and navigating to specific course pages.

Creating menu links

This video will give you step by step instructions on using shortcode to create custom links for your navigation menu. First, we will show you the basics of creating “log in” and “log out” links. The URL and navigation label necessary to do this is available for copy below this description. Then we will walk you through how to make a more robust menu. How many pages your navigation menu links to is up to you.

Memberium will automatically customize the navigation menu to match a user’s tags. This means that if you add links to your navigation menu which are protected by Infusionsoft tags, those options will not show up for users who do not have those tags.

Arranging and customizing links

You will have full control over which menu items you create, how they are worded and in what order they appear. You can create a menu link to any page you have created on your site, and we’ll show you where to find those pages from your WordPress dashboard.

This video will touch on more advanced functions like changing the menu display depending on a user’s tags. For more in-depth instructions on this, you can check out our guide linked below.

We’ll go over setting up and testing your Infusionsoft campaign in the next video.

Copy these items into your custom menu link as I show you in the video:


For information on how you can hide/show menu items based on tags refer to this step-by-step guide.

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