4. Membership Levels

This video will give you a deeper dive into creating and managing your website’s membership levels. In the previous video, you were able to create a few membership levels within the installation wizard, but this video will walk you through the basics of using the full suite of Memberium features to create more robust membership levels. 

Creating new membership levels

You may have already created several membership levels during the last video, but here you will learn the more advanced tools Memberium offers for crafting membership levels. You will be able to create as many membership levels as you need, assign them the proper Infusionsoft tags and create unique membership homepages. 

PAYF, CANC and SUSP tags

Payment failure, cancellation and suspension tags are three crucial tags for your membership levels. This video gives you a basic introduction to these tags and will walk you through the process of making sure each membership level uses these tags properly. 

Once you have each membership level set up to read these tags and stop access to any user who has them, you will be able to quickly look at a user’s account and tell them why they can’t access your site’s content. 

Membership homepages

Memberium will allow you to easily set up different membership homepages. This video will show you where to find homepage settings and how to insert Memberium’s homepage templates for issues like cancellations and billing problems. You will also be able to create your own unique homepages and integrate them with Memberium. 

This video is meant to get you familiar with creating membership levels and setting up their tags. There will be more in-depth features covered in future videos. 

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