2. Memberium Installation Wizard

In our last video, you got the Memberium Wizard installed and ready to go on your WordPress site. In this video, we walk you through how to navigate it. If you have not yet downloaded the Memberium installation wizard, you can find it by clicking on this link

This video will cover the following three steps:

  • Installing and activating Memberium
  • Creating a basic campaign
  • Installing Page Templates

In this video, you will also find instructions on how to contact our live support if you run into any problems during the installation process. 

The Memberium Wizard is located on the menu on the left side of your WordPress site. Go ahead and select it, and then get ready to follow the video’s step-by-step instructions.

Installation and activation

After viewing this video, you will have activated Memberium and set up your different membership levels. You will also get your Infusionsoft tags for each level, allowing you to later protect your content by only assigning those tags to the appropriate users. 

Basic campaigns

This video details how to set up your basic onboarding membership campaign. This campaign is what will generate automatic log-in information for your new members and send them onboarding emails with instructions on how to access their accounts. 

Page templates

The page template setup will give you the option of activating Elementor, which is a drag-and-drop page builder and Astra, which provides pre-built WordPress themes for your membership site. These are optional, but highly recommended, especially if you are building your website from scratch. 

After completing the steps in this video, you will have finished with the installation wizard and you will be able to start customizing your membership website. 

For the page templates, your can request our support team to install them using this form.

Watch the next video for a deeper dive into membership levels.

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