How to Use Memberium Path Protect

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Memberium Path Protect is a very nifty feature that lets you protect pages of your site such as category pages, author pages and such. Protecting these pages through the “Content Protection” box is not possible and that’s where comes the very useful Memberium Path Protect. In this short tutorial, you’ll learn how to enable and use Memberium Path Protect.

Enable Memberium Path Protect

To enable Memberium Path Protect, login to your WordPress admin, go to Settings and click on Memberium Path Protect. Next, toggle the option from Active to Yes.

memberium path protect

This will enable Memberium Path Protect on your site, which by default is set to OFF.

Using Memberium Path Protect

To start using, click on the “Add Ruleset” button.

In the URLs, you’d need to add the URL that you’d want to protect, and from the Requirements, select whether you’d like to protect the URL for “Logged in” users only or “Anonymous” users only.

path protect settings

Also from Prohibited action, you can select “Redirect” if you’d like to redirect the user if they don’t have access, in which case you’ll also want to add a Redirection URL. You can also select “Hide Completely” from the dropdown, if you want the page to hide completely when they don’t have access.

If you want to remove a URL, then checkmark on “Delete” box and then click on Save Changes button.

Hope this small guide will help you in using Memberium Path Protect.

Bonus Tip: If you’re trying to protect files, then we’d suggest you to use [memb_s3_link] shortcode, which generates secure and expiring Amazon S3 links.

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