Upgrading from iMember360 to Memberium

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Switching from iMember360 is fairly straightforward. Here are recommended best practices that we have developed over the past year after converting many sites. This process has been tested on sites ranging from a few users to 12,000 users:

The number one mistake we see is not scheduling enough time to inventory your current system and plan the migration including testing the end-result. A migration is a rare event, don’t rush it, and give yourself time to document what you currently have and plan implementing the new system.


  • Review this entire document before starting the upgrade process.
  • Review your iMember360 site and the features you use, and compare it to the Memberium documentation. There is a large overlap of shared functionality between the two plugins, however it is intentionally not 100%.
  • If you use any custom iMember360 API calls in your themes or plugins, then you will need to replace those with Memberium equivalents.
  • If you find a function you need in iMember360 that is not included in Memberium please contact Support for assistance so we can guide you to another solution, or implement a replacement for you. If you rely on a feature we don’t support and have no alternative for, then you may not be able to upgrade your site (This has never happened yet).

What Doesn’t Change

  • You will need to deactivate iMember360 before the migration process is started. iMember360 has hardcoded false malware alerts to their plugin to detect when you are upgrading to Memberium, and will force a shutdown of your site with the message Sorry, malware has been detected on your site.
  • If you cannot do the migration on your live site, then do a content/development freeze, and do the migration on a clone of the site.
  • Your membership tags will port over with no changes
  • Your users will port over with no changes
  • Your content will come over unchanged

Start Conversion Process

Pro Tip
We recommend that you use the Memberium Installer as it will automatically convert all of your membership levels from iMember360 into Memberium membership levels using the same Infusionsoft tags. Once this process is complete you’ll want to review your membership levels to be sure they’ve all been carried over properly.
  • Go through your iMember360 configuration screens and note down your settings.
  • Deactivate iMember360
  • Install i2SDK and configure the Appname and API Key.
  • Install Memberium
  • Review any custom shortcodes, and recreate them in Memberium.
  • Review your Theme Widgets. Any iMember360 specific widgets will vanish when you uninstall iMember360 and will need to be recreated in Memberium.
  • Search your pages, posts and other content types for iMember360 shortcodes. You can easily do this by searching for the text of “i4w_”.
  • Review your pages, posts, and other content types, and mark their Memberium security settings to match your original iMember360 settings
  • Review action sets, legacy web forms, legacy order forms, billing triggers and campaigns for HTTP POSTs to iMember360 functions. Replace with Memberium equivalents.
  • Review Email templates for iMember360 AutoLogin links, replace with Memberium AutoLogin
  • Tune Tag and Field sync to use the minimum number of required fields.

Concept Changes

  • iMember insecurely uses a single AuthKey for both HTTP POST and Autologin. Please make sure that you’re using the correct authentication keys respectively for Autologin, and HTTP POSTs.
  • If the site does not use AutoLogin, disable it in the dashboard.
  • When requesting assistance to edit your site, you will need to provide us an admin login. Unlike iMember360, Memberium does not include any Admin backdoor access.
  • iMember360 uses a proprietary shortcode processing system to allow you to embed shortcodes as parameters to other shortcodes. For security and performance reasons Memberium only uses the built-in WordPress shortcode processing system, and has a different system for passing data to other shortcodes. If you’re using this feature (most people aren’t), then please let us know and we’ll help you translate it.

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