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Unified WordPress Experience

Unified WordPress Experience

Instead of creating another “all-in-one”, “throw-it-all-in-the-kitchen-sink” membership plugin that’s heavily loaded down with unnecessary features. We only focus on what we do best, which is allowing you to run a fast, automated course or membership site that you can depend on.

Memberium takes a unified approach in working with other WordPress plugins and WordPress standards so you can do what you want with your site and have the flexibility to work with other best in class WordPress plugins.

Most “all-in-one” membership platforms don’t do many of the things they say they do, very well at all. By design, these solutions make it very difficult to work with other plugins or other pieces of software.

We know we’re never going to be the best LMS plugin for WordPress. We know we’ll never be able to create a better community plugin than BuddyPress or BuddyBoss. Instead of loading ourselves down with extra, unnecessary features and trying to be the next overhyped “all-in-one” platform that under delivers.

Memberium’s built to work directly, side by side, with all of the best WordPress plugins that do what they do best. This is part of what keeps Memberium so fast.

This also allows you to build your site the way you want, without being held back by “all-in-one” plugins designed to lock you in or limit what you can do with them.

A big frustration among business owners is trying to connect all their different plugins and software together that aren’t built to work together. Memberium allows you to have a unified WordPress experience with all of your favorite plugins working together seamlessly.

This allows you to connect Infusionsoft directly with these other plugins. With this, you can better automate your site and combine them with Memberium to create a powerful and unique experience for your customers.

Memberium comes with 33+ built-in integrations that help connect Infusionsoft to some of the best WordPress plugins. You don’t have to pay any extra fees or install any add ons to use these. They’re all included in any Memberium plan and built into Memberium’s core code.

The other main piece of the Unified WordPress experience is Memberium’s built to follow WordPress coding standards strictly. This gives you a reliable and dependable platform that you can count on.

You also get peace of mind knowing your site will be able to grow, thrive and operate on it’s own without worrying that your site will break or go down after a new plugin or WordPress update.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

I was using aMember before and I'm kicking myself for not switching to Memberium sooner. Once I switched to Memberium, it was SOOOOO much easier to setup and configure.

Also, Memberium has really nice tight integrations with other plugins like Learndash and BadgeOS which makes it very flexible. Support response is very good too. So far, very pleased. Just disappointed in myself for taking so long to switch. =)
Vincent Po
Infusionsoft Marketplace Review
What a contrast between our old membership site application and Memberium! We spent hours setting up our old application and countless more hours fixing things that went wrong every time WordPress had an update. Memberium is absolutely seamless and (in our experience) ultra-reliable.

And the support is outstanding. They helped us transfer from our old application to Memberium in a way that was not only painless, it was completed in a way that our members' experience was only enhanced during the change-over. Thank you, Memberium team!
Laura Pedro
Infusionsoft Marketplace Review

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