How to Sync Users Created through WooCommerce to Infusionsoft

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With Memberium, you can easily sync users that are created through WooCommerce to Infusionsoft. Here’s a detailed tutorial on how you can do this.

What You’ll Need:

  • Latest version of Memberium and i2SDK
  • WooCommerce

Enabling Sync new Registration option in Memberium

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to enable this option from Memberium’s setting.

sync registrations

Go to Memberium > Settings > Site Security and enable “Sync new Registration to Infusionsoft”.

Basically this option will sync new registrations from your site to Infusionsoft once its enabled.

WooCommerce Settings

Now let’s take a look at WooCommerce settings.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings and click on “Accounts” tab from the top which will open the Accounts page.

Woocommerce memberium

From Account creation heading, we’d suggest you to enable “Automatically generate username from customer email”.

You would also need to “Enable customer registration on the “Checkout” page”.

If you’d like WooCommerce to automatically generate password for your users, then you can enable “Automatically generate customer password” from the same page.

If this option is not enabled, then WooCommerce will not auto generate the password but your users/customers can type a password during checkout process. Memberium will sync this password to Infusionsoft, regardless if you have enabled automatic password generation or not.

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